Alcohol Detox San Diego Signs of Alcohol Use Disorder

Our alcohol detox San Diego staff speaks candidly on alcohol use disorder or AUD. Problems related to the use of alcohol can result from drinking too much, too often, or too fast. Many people have struggled to control their drinking at certain points in their lives and this has been a problem in the United States and throughout the world for a long time.

The detox treatment San Diego staff have helped 1000’s safely detoxify from opiates, drugs and alcohol. They clearly see the textbook definition in real life with alcohol use disorder. Let’s try and give a clear definition and explain its’ role in the addiction treatment process.

Alcohol Use Disorder Defined by Detox Treatment San Diego

Harmony Grove Recovery’s detox treatment San Diego staff is highly qualified and educated in diagnosing alcohol use disorder. Alcohol abuse that becomes severe is medically diagnosed as an alcohol use disorder (AUD). An AUD is a chronic relapsing brain disease that involves excessive and compulsive alcohol use, lack of control over alcohol use, and a negative emotional state when not drinking. In the U.S. alone, approximately 16 million people have AUD. This condition can range from mild to severe.

What is alcohol use disorder? According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Addiction (NIH), it is a medical condition that impairs individuals. In this state you simply cannot just stop using alcohol even through it makes you sick, destroys social interaction or has health consequences. These situations may be referred to as alcohol abuse, alcoholic, alcohol addiction or alcoholism to name a few. 

Alcohol Detox Treatment San Diego Explains Diagnosing Alcohol Use Disorder


Our alcohol detox treatment San Diego staff knows DSM-5 like the back of their hand. They deal with it every day in many different ways. According to the DSM 5, anyone who answers yes to at least two of the following questions will be diagnosed with AUD however the number of questions that are answered “yes” will determine the severity of the drinking problem.

  • Did you ever drink more or longer than you intended?
  • Do you ever experience cravings or a strong need or urge to drink?
  • Have you wanted to cut down drinking, tried, and could not?
  • Do you spend a lot of time drinking?
  • Have you given up or cut back on activities that were interesting to you in order to drink?
  • Do you spend a lot of time feeling sick or recovering from the aftereffects of drinking?
  • Does drinking interfere with taking care of your home or family?
  • Have you found yourself more than once in a situation where after drinking you could get hurt (i.e. using machinery, driving, swimming, having unsafe sex)?
  • Do you continue to drink when you feel depressed or anxious or after a memory blackout?
  • Have you found that when the effect of alcohol wears off you have withdrawal symptoms (e.g. problems sleeping, anxiety, irritability, depression, restlessness, sweating, nausea)?
  • Do you need to drink much more than you once did to get the desired effect?
  • Ever find that your usual number of drinks has less effect than before?

Myths About Hangovers Compiled by our Addiction Treatment Detox San Diego Staff


The addiction treatment alcohol detox San Diego staff have heard all the myths of alcohol use disorder. Our staff takes pride in debunking these myths and providing scientifically sound answers.

Myth #1: Drinking coffee can prevent or cure a hangover. This is a myth and the only cure for a hangover is keeping alcohol intake to a minimum and waiting it out.

Myth #2: Beer before liquor means never sicker. The truth is that the more alcohol you drink, the worse the hangover, no matter the type of alcohol.

Myth #3: If you have a hangover and drink alcohol the morning after a night of drinking, you will avoid a hangover. This, too, is a myth. Continuing to drink the morning after can even prolong the symptoms of a hangover.

Finding Help for Alcohol Use Disorder

help is available at drug rehabs West Palm Beach

From drug rehabs West Palm Beach to San Diego help is available. Regardless of the severity of your alcohol use disorder, there are many ways to benefit from the treatments for alcohol use disorder. According to research, about one-third of people who are treated for alcohol problems have no further symptoms 1 year later. We have seen this firsthand by staying in touch with our alcohol detox San Diego centers clients. Others who are treated reduce their drinking and report fewer problems related to consumption of alcohol. Here is some information related to treatment for alcohol use disorders.

  • A 12-step program can help
  • Attending a 28-day inpatient rehab can help like our residential inpatient treatment San Diego centers increases long-term sobriety success rates
  • Telehealth addiction treatment San Diego options are now available
  • Over the past few decades, new treatment options have been developed
  • What works for one person may not work for someone else
  • Understanding different options can be a good first step

Start With Your Primary Care Doctor

A primary care physician can be a good first step as they can provide referrals for behavioral treatments, counseling, and medication. They can help you to determine whether or not your drinking is a problem, provide you with a diagnosis, create a treatment plan, evaluate your complete health and determine whether medication can help. If you don’t want to start with your primary doctor, you can call us right now at 760-697-0497.

Here are some professionals alcohol detox and drug rehab professionals who can help.


  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers like Harmony Grove Recovery’s drug and alcohol detox centers, residential inpatient drug rehabs, IOP drug rehabs and outpatient substance abuse rehabilitation services.
  • Primary care providers including MDs and Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine can help with medications prescriptions, behavioral treatments and referrals to specialists. Assisting these primary care providers are nurse practitioners and physician assistants.
  • Psychiatrists can help with medication prescriptions and behavioral treatments.
  • Psychologists, social workers, and alcohol addiction counselors can all help with behavioral treatments and therapies.
  • Residential inpatient treatment San Diego centers
  • IOP programs San Diego
  • Outpatient treatment San Diego centers

Alcohol Detox Centers San Diego Educates on Types of Treatment for Alcohol Use Disorder

The drug rehabs San Diego near me staff helps us educate the community on alcohol use disorder. They have helped us outline some of the best options available. Possible options are behavioral treatments, medications, and mutual support groups.

Alcohol use disorder is a tricky issue. Often it takes a long time for an individual to realize they need serious help. They will often make up excuses on their behavior and use of alcohol. It is also difficult for loved ones trying to get help for their spouse, son, daughter, brother, sister, or friend. If you or someone you know is suffering from alcohol use disorder, give us a call right now at 760-697-0497. We can help you or them get their life back under control.

What is Behavior Treatment? Defined by our Alcohol Detox San Diego Professionals

Harmony Grove Recovery’s alcohol detox San Diego addiction doctors have outlined behavioral treatment for alcohol use disorder. Behavior treatment uses counseling to recognize and change thoughts, patterns, and habits around drinking. Behavioral treatments include working with a health professional and changing behaviors that can lead to heavy drinking.

Our alcohol detox San Diego centers help you develop the skills you need to reduce and stop drinking. They do this by setting reachable goals and helping you learn how to cope with or avoid triggers that can cause relapse. They also help you to build a strong social support system. Studies show that these approaches are very effective for the treatment of alcohol use disorder.

Alcohol Detox San Diego When Its time to Get Your Life Back

Our alcohol detox San Diego, California staff is standing by to help you get to a happy and healthy lifestyle again.  Our staff have dedicated their lives to gently guiding individuals into long-term recovery. We know that at times things seems helpless. However, there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel. We have helped 1000’s through our drug and alcohol detox centers, residential inpatient rehabilitation centers and at our outpatient drug rehabs in San Diego.

When dealing with alcoholism, the earlier you get into treatment the better. Alcohol use disorder, left untreated, will eventually destroy your life. Remember what life was like before alcohol was an issue in your life? The healthy relationships you had, and the feeling of satisfaction that work gave you. Remember what is was like to spend quality time with family and friends? The best drug and alcohol detox centers San Diego options can be found here. We can help you get all this back. However, you have to make that first step now by call us at 760-697-0497.

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