Incidental Medical Services (IMS)

Why IMS Incidental Medical Services Play an Important Role in Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers Rehabilitation


Harmony Grove Recovery inpatient drug rehabs San Diego, California are cutting edge when it comes to opiate and alcohol detox. Incidental medical services reduce opiate and alcohol detox withdrawal. We are licensed and certified by the State of California for Incidental Medical Services (IMS). This IMS licensing and certification along with The Joint Commission accreditation ensures the highest quality for medical care in the state of California. When seeking an addiction treatment rehabilitation center, it’s best to make sure they have licensing, accreditations and certifications. This ensures the best possible quality medical care and individual safety.

When picking a drug rehab center, you want the best in medical care and masters level counselors. We also have psychologists, and therapists that are licensed, certified and registered providing the best possible chances of long-term recovery.

These are some of the ways that sets Harmony Grove Recovery apart from other California addiction treatment centers. Incidental Medical Services are approved services provided by our physician. These address medical issues associated with either detoxification or the provision of alcohol or substance use recovery or treatment services.

Alcohol Detox Centers San Diego – Top Reasons Why Incidental Medical Services Reduce Withdrawal Symptoms 

Harmony Grove Recovery Opiate and alcohol detox centers in San Diego are the #1 reason individuals don’t achieve long-term recovery. The fear of painful withdrawal experiences is powerful. At our drug rehabs Escondido, California facilities we reduce these painful symptoms. We utilize Incidental Medical Services to make the detox process as comfortable and safe as possible. It is always recommended that a detox is medically supervised.

At Harmony Grove Recovery we understand why its best to use Incidental Medical Services during opiate and alcohol detoxification. Here is why Incidental Medical Services are used:

Drug withdrawal times explained by drug and alcohol detox centers in San Diego, California

    1. Obtaining medical histories: we conduct screening and assessments upon admission. A medical exam is performed by the physician who will determine if Incidental Medical Services are medically appropriate.
    2. Monitoring health status to determine whether the individual needs emergent care. Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs Escondido and Carlsbad, California Centers monitors the health status of the resident throughout the course of treatment. We do this to determine at any time whether their health status needs urgent or emergent care. The physician will conduct a face-to-face physical exam. Instant/rapid read alcohol and drug screens are conducted as well as obtaining vital signs. Trained staff monitor detoxification levels using the Clinical Institute Withdrawal Assessment (CIWA) and Clinical Opioid Withdrawal Scale (COWS).
    3. Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol and drugs is necessary. Laboratory testing shall include an assessment of the residents health status. This is to determine the safest course of managing the opiate and alcohol detox process. Testing may include toxicology for drugs and alcohol including urine drug screens, blood alcohol concentrations, and confirmatory laboratory analysis when appropriate. This includes analyses for electrolyte disturbances, nutrition deficiencies, organ dysfunction, and other markers impacted by substance use and the withdrawal process.
    4. Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs Escondido, California provides alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services. As a part of ongoing treatment and recovery, laboratory testing may be conducted. This is done to monitor the stabilization of the resident. This is done through the provision of ongoing treatment. Testing may include administering and reviewing TB, HIV, Hepatitis, drug and alcohol testing and other screenings that impact the provision of treatment services.
    5. Our facility oversees resident self-administer medications; Our physician may advise or make recommendations to any resident regarding any prescribed or over the counter medication. During a resident’s initial detoxification and withdrawal, the physician will evaluate and adjust the medications that a resident is prescribed. This is not limited to just those medications provided for management of detoxification and withdrawal. It covers any medication used to assist the resident through the treatment and recovery process.
    6. The physician or health care practitioner may prescribe (order) medications that keep the resident safe and comfortable during detoxification. They will also assist with their treatment. The physician may adjust the doses of or discontinue medications that may interfere with a safe opiate and alcohol withdrawal or treatment.
    7. We treat substance use disorders, including detoxification with FDA approved medications. The physician will work with a resident’s primary care physician to coordinate care for any complex conditions which may impact the resident’s success in treatment. The provision of ongoing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) is offered at our drug rehabs Escondido and Carlsbad, California locations. The physician may administer injectable or implantable sub-dermal Medication Assisted Treatment. For residents needing Medication Assisted Treatment, the introduction for substance use disorders will be implemented at the appropriate time in the withdrawal process. This will be maintained during treatment per the resident’s individual needs. For residents receiving methadone, Harmony Grove Recovery’s physician will collaborate with Narcotic treatment programs to coordinate how the resident will receive medication.

Why Harmony Grove Recovery Utilizes Incidental Medical Services at our Opiate and Alcohol Detox Centers in San Diego, Escondido, La Jolla and Carlsbad, California

When seeking an opiate or alcohol detox centers San Diego, California you want the best medical care possible. Our detox centers in Escondido, and Carlsbad provide the highest quality of medical care in the state of California. When seeking a detoxification facility be sure to look for their licensing, accreditations and certifications. At Harmony Grove Recovery we have all the possible training and experience to provide a comfortable opiate and alcohol detox.

      • Incidental Medical Services (IMS) License and certification
      • Joint Commission Accreditation
      • Licensed psychologists
      • Therapists that are licensed, certified and registered Masters substance
      • Abuse counselors
      • Licensed psychiatrist
Harmony Grove Recovery drug and alcohol detox centers provides incidental services.

The Incidental Medical Services protocol says it’s the best medical care possible for opiate and alcohol detox. The 6 objectives for Incidental Medical Services are the ultimate in medical care for detoxification. You can detox safely and comfortably at our drug rehabs Anaheim, Escondido and Carlsbad locations. Give us a call now at (760) 697-0497 and start getting your life back under control.

Ready for Our Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in San Diego, California? 

Harmony Grove Recovery drug and alcohol detox centers in San Diego has the experienced professionals to help you obtain long-term sobriety. Our Doctors, psychologists and credentialed substance abuse rehabilitation counselors have helped many in the recovery journey.

Call the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center in California now at 760-697-0497. Our drug rehabs accept most health insurances and we can get you in today! Don’t waste another day, get your happy and healthy life back. We can get you in our luxury drug rehab today.

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