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Contact Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs San Diego we can help. We are southern California’s premiere substance abuse rehabilitation center. Our medically qualified doctors at our Escondido facilities understand how to treat addiction. The complete continuum of addiction treatment care will provide all the necessary tools and education to sustain long-term sobriety and recovery.

Addiction Treatment Services

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers carefully guide you along the path of recovery. These critical areas lay the foundation for the next stage in the treatment process. Each one provides skills and techniques that are needed. Here are the areas that provide these critical components:

  • alcohol detox centers San Diego, California
  • opiate detox
  • residential inpatient drug rehabs San Diego
  • intensive outpatient
  • sober homes Escondido

If you are on this page you’ve made a very important decision to get help. Understanding the five substance abuse treatment options above is a starting point. However, addiction treatment is unique to each individual. There are other aspects that must be considered. Other components are evidence based care, 12-step methodologies, family involvement, and medication assisted treatment.

Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego Options

The services provided by our inpatient drug rehabs San Diego and Escondido, California addiction treatment centers are highly credentialed. We have the Joint commission (JAHCO) accreditation. This is the same golden seal that hospitals must have to provide medical services. These are in great demand due to the heroin epidemic.

We assist the 1.42 million people in the San Diego California area. When receiving drug and alcohol addiction treatment it’s critical to get away from influences and temptation. This is why we also offer our rehabilitation services in the Escondido, CA area. This enables individuals to be far enough away to resist any drug seeking behaviors.

You will most likely start at our opiate and alcohol detox centers. This is usually 5-10 days in length. Then, depending on your individual situation you will transition into the next level of care which may be our inpatient drug rehabs San Diego. These will all provide you with group and individual sessions by credentialed and master level educated substance abuse counselors and therapists. You will learn about co-occurring disorders and relapse prevent techniques to sustain long-term sobriety.

IOP Intensive Outpatient Treatment California

The IOP intensive outpatient California program is generally 8 weeks in length but is always tailored to the individuals specific needs. Sometime individuals will transition from our opiate and alcohol detox centers into this program. However for more demanding cases residential inpatient addiction treatment care may be needed. This evaluation must be made by a qualified professional.

One of the main components is counseling. This level of care provides individual and group sessions. It’s here that many find out they are suffering from dual diagnosis issues. Realizing that trauma, abuse, anxiety, and depression are actually triggering their addiction. Our qualified substance abuse counselors and therapists gently disarm these issues opening the door to long-term recovery.

Alcohol Detox Centers San Diego Options

The alcohol detox centers in San Diego and Escondido, California are well equipped. Alcohol detoxification can be life threatening. It’s always recommended that this procedure be performed under medical supervision. This is misleading to many that have gone through an at home self detox. There are many medical issues that can arise and making an incorrect situation could be lethal.

Congratulations, you made an important step in finding a detox facility. You most likely are exhausted from addiction controlling your life. The next critical step is to call and reach out for help.  Harmony Grove Recovery is here to ensure you get on the path to long-term recovery. Getting your life back is easier than you may think. You just need the correct education, tools, and support to make this dream come true.

Contact Drug Rehabs San Diego and Escondido Rehabilitation Centers

Our drug rehabs San Diego and Escondido substance abuse treatment facilities can help. We have guided 1000’s of individuals to achieving long-term recovery. The Joint Commission accreditation (JAHCO) means we provide the best medical care. The highly credentialed substance abuse counselors and therapists mean you are gently being guided by educated and experienced professionals.

The use of our San Diego and Escondido, California facilities means you are far enough away from any temptation to use while in treatment. You will get to understand your addiction on a level that will provide abstinence. Trauma, abuse, anxiety, and depression are are the core for anyone suffering from drug misuse. Get your life back and call Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs San Diego, and Escondido now at (760) 697-0497.

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