Alcohol Detox Treatment San Diego | When is Alcohol Addiction Treatment Needed?

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Detox Treatment San Diego Address Alcohol Use Disorder Vs. Mental Health Issues

Harmony Grove Recovery alcohol detox treatment San Diego staff felt it was important to explain the mental health issues related to alcohol use disorder or AUD. We agree since mental health is intertwined with drug and alcohol addiction. Educating the public helps reduce the stigma with drug and alcohol addiction. Here are some considerations on mental health issues.

  • Anxiety and depression can accompany drinking.
  • Someone who is alcohol dependent is two or three times more likely to have depression and anxiety.
  • Individuals who are being treated for alcohol addiction should also seek treatment for accompanying mental health and medical health issues.

What to Consider When Seeking Treatment? Defined by our Alcohol Detox Treatment San Diego Staff


We went to our residential inpatient treatment San Diego Executive staff to provide information on “What to consider when seeking alcohol addiction treatment?”  They told us, sometimes individuals think they only need outpatient treatment. However, this determination needs to be made by a qualified addiction Doctor after a careful examination. Remember expense is not really the main factor in the equation on what type of help is needed.

Residential inpatient facilities can be more costly and intensive as you live on site. Our alcohol detox treatment San Diego physicians will help evaluate pros and cons of inpatient and outpatient facilities based on your medical needs. We can also help you consider what your health insurance plan covers. Lower costs could be available.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Relapsing reported by our IOP Program San Diego Staff

The IOP program San Diego staff hates to say it, unfortunately relapsing is a normal part of the process of battling alcohol use disorder. They see relapse haapen sometimes during our alcohol detox treatment San Diego program. However, relapsing does not mean failure and it is simply one of the symptoms of the disorder.

When and why do relapses happen?

  • Someone with alcohol abuse disorders can relapse during times of stress. This is seen at our IOP program San Diego
  • Relapse can happen when a person is exposed to certain places or people having an association with drinking.
  • A relapse is a temporary set-back, and not a failure.
  • Relapse can be compared to a flare up with other disorders such as asthma and diabetes. However, it is not a license to use or drink alcohol!
  • Professional help at our alcohol detox treatment San Diego can prevent a relapse and overcome triggers such as stress that can lead to a relapse.
  • A regular checkup with Harmony Grove Recovery can help prevent relapses.
  • Medication assisted treatment can help during stressful times such as a death in the family or divorce.

How Family and Friends Can Help Explained by Alcohol Detox Treatment San Diego Staff


Our alcohol detox treatment San Diego staff meets every day. Getting family and friends involved in the recovery process is discussed at every meeting. They play an important role in the recovery process for the individual and for themselves. Understand that caring for someone with an alcohol abuse disorder can be stressful.

A caretaker must remember to also take care of themselves. Support can come from places like Harmony Grove Recovery, support groups and the community. Only the person with the alcohol use disorder can be responsible for his/her own treatment. Change happens best when it comes from within. Participation and support from others can make a big difference.

Family and friends:

  • Can participate in support groups reccomended by our alcohol detox treatment San Diego, California staff.
  • Need to be patient as overcoming an alcohol abuse disorder is not quick or easy.
  • They should consider that changing habits can take time, be hard, and require repeated effort.
  • Should acknowledge efforts to overcome problems related to alcohol abuse disorders.

What Medications are Used by our Alcohol Detox San Diego Staff?

MAT or medication assisted treatment is used by our alcohol detox treatment San Diego Doctors

Our alcohol detox San Diego staff have several medications in their arsenal on alcohol use disorder. Several medications are now approved in the United States to help someone to stop drinking or to reduce drinking and prevent relapse. A primary care physician or another health professional provides the prescription.

The alcohol detox treatment San Diego, California physicians know medications can work by offsetting changes in the brain as caused by alcohol abuse disorders. Some of these are newer medications. These approved medications are not addictive. The medications can be used alone or with other treatments.

Addiction Treatment Groups Play a Big Role in Addiction Recovery

Addiction Treatment Groups such as 12-step programs or Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) can help people to feel as though they are part of a community of similar individuals who can understand their experiences. These peer support groups can help people with alcohol use disorder to obtain sobriety. A person can have a combination of support groups, counseling and even medications as part of their treatment plan.

In fact, according various studies by the US National Library National Institute of Health or NIH there are evidence based protocols to increase long-term recovery for alcohol use disorder that go way beyond alcohol detox centers, inpatient drug rehabs and intensive outpatient care facilities. The many different results clearly show attending an addiction treatment center, getting continuing care and involvement of the 12-steps drastically increase success rates.

Top 5 Behavioral Health Treatments for Alcohol Use disorder Recommended by Alcohol Detox Treatment San Diego

The top 5 behavioral health treatments for alcohol use disorder put the spotlight on one of the biggest aspects of drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Almost all addiction have behavioral health issues that must be resolved. We know this at alcohol detox treatment San Diego, California becuae these are at the core of the drug and alcohol addiction. 

Many addiction treatment centers do not have an alcohol detox center attached to them. Many will send their cients to a partner they work with and then get them back for residential inpatient, intensive outpatient, or outpatient care. While this is common, one might conside a substance abuse rehabilitation center that is also a alcohol detox treatment San Diego rehab center. As we will outline below the beahvioral health therapies are intertwined with detox, inpatient, IOP nad outpatient treatment.

  1. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

CBT can be in small groups or one on one. This therapy has a focus on identifying the feelings and situations – called cues – that lead to drinking. It also has a focus on managing the stress that leads to a relapse. Goals here include changing the thought processes leading to excessive drinking. You develop skills to cope with situations triggering problem drinking.

  1. Motivational Enhancement Therapy

MET is held over a short period of time. The therapy has a focus on building confidence, identifying the pros/cons of seeking treatment, forming a plan for making changes in your drinking, and developing the skills you need to stick to a plan.

  1. Marital and Family Counseling

At our alcohol detox treatment San Diego centers we start involving the spouse and familing in the recovery process immediately. Marital and family counseling involves spouses and other members of the family. The spouses and family members can play a role in improving family relationships. Research shows that this type of support through family therapy can often be more effective than individual counseling.

  1. Brief Intervention Therapy

Brief intervention therapy is small group or one on one counseling. The short sessions are time limited. A counsellor gives you information about your drinking patterns and risks. Counsellors work with you to set goals and provide ideas to make a change.

  1. Medication Assisted Treatment

The Doctors at our alcohol detox treatment San Diego rehab centers can help eliviate much of the painful withdrawal pains from the detoxification process. These comfort meds are a GOD send to many of our clients. Remember alcohol detox should always be perfromed under medical supervision. This is sometimes difficult to understand becuase many time individuals have done an at home detox with no issues.

This is quite discieving becuase alsocho detox can quickly become life threatening. there are many things that can go wrong. Have a qualified physician could be the difference between life and death. Medications that FDA-approved are available to help people reduce or stop drinking and avoid relapse.

  • Naltrexone can reduce heavy drinking.
  • Acamprosate can help with abstinence.
  • Disulfiram can help people avoid drinking by blocking the metabolism of alcohol in the body.

What is important is to come to terms with having an AUD and choosing to get treatment. Making this decision and deciding to make a change in your life can be as important as the treatment approach. Harmony Grove Recvoery is always here to help. Call our alcohol detox treatment San Diego centers now at 760-697-0497 and will provide several solutions to getting help. All approaches should be non-confrontational. The approaches should involve empathy and a focus on changing drinking behavior.

Additional Statistics on Alcohol Use Disorder and Abuse from National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

stats on substance use disorder compiled by ourdrug rehab staff

Please consider these statistics concerning alcohol use:

In 2017…

  • 86.3% of people ages 18 or older reported that they drank alcohol at some point in their lifetime
  • 70.1% reported that they drank in the past year
  • 55.9% reported that they drank in the past month

In 2015…

  • People ages 18+ that engaged in binge drinking within the past month
  • 26.9% Reported heavy alcohol use in the past month
  • 7% Adults with AUD received treatment

In 2014…

In 2014, alcohol-impaired driving fatalities accounted for 9,967 deaths.

  • An estimated 95,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually, making alcohol the third leading preventable cause of death in the United States (first and second are tobacco and diet/inactivity). this is a statistic that our alcohol detox treatment San Diego professionals understand. 
  • In the years 2000 to 2016, it is estimated that the use of alcohol increased 0.3 percent a year and binge drinking increased at 0.7 percent per year. The increase was greatest for women, Blacks, and those aged 30-49.

Get Help at our Alcohol Detox Centers in San Diego, California

Alcohol detox San Diego addiction treatment centers providing opiate drug detox centers in San Diego.

The first step of recovery starts finding the best alcohol detox treatment San Diego centers. However, the hardest thing you must do as an individual or loved one is pick up the phone and reach out for help. Alcohol destroys lives like a wrecking ball. It disguises itself in many different forms. Many times, relationships, employment, and loss of home happen. The earlier you address the situation the less damage will be done.

Where are the best alcohol detox centers in San Diego? Well, if you landed here, you didn’t find us by mistake. We are a leading drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers located in the San Diego, California area. We have assisted 1000’s and guided them into long-term recovery. These individuals become Harmony Grove Recovery’s family. We are always there for them. We would love for you to join our family. Our purpose in life is to watch out family members live happy and healthy lives. Give use a call now at 760-697-0497.

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