Goals and Objectives

What Are Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego 6 Program Goals and Objectives?

Harmony Grove Recovery’s goals and objectives for inpatient drug rehabs San diego has the main purpose of breaking the cycle of addiction and its negative impact on others. We help individuals and loved ones dealing with drug and alcohol abuse issues. Our goal is for individuals to regain overall health, happiness, and become productive members of society. We utilize traditional and non-traditional therapy approaches in a safe and supportive environment.

Our addiction treatment programs allow individuals to discover new ways to live without the use of alcohol and drugs. Our primary focus is providing the highest quality of rehabilitation. Our clients develop:

  • obtain coping skills
  • get a clear understanding of the disease concept
  • identify triggers
  • relapse prevention
  • form healthy relationships
  • set boundaries
  • mend relationships
  • communication skills
  • anger management
  • process trauma and or grief
  • form a spiritual connection
  • in-depth education on drug and alcohol addiction
  • improve self-esteem
  • learn how to apply recovery to daily life
  • become a productive member of society
  • experience life changes

Top 6 Medical Services at our Drug Rehabs Escondido and Carlsbad, California Centers

Our drug rehabs San Diego Escondido and Carlsbad provide incidental medical services. These are facilitated by our physician to address medical issues associated with detoxification and the provisions of alcoholism. They carefully explain drug abuse recovery, and treatment services to assist in the enhancement of your treatment. Incidental medical services are related to the individuals process moving into long term treatment services. We provide the following six categories of incidental medical services:

  1. Obtaining medical records…the individual will be given multiple assessments to determine eligibility for admission and for incidental medical services. The individual will meet with the physician to be examined and gather important information related to treatment. This is to determine the most appropriate and effective course of treatment.
  2. Monitoring health status to determine whether it warrants transfer of the individual. Sometimes individuals need urgent or emergent care. individuals will be monitored throughout the course of treatment to determine if a referral at any time is needed. Individuals will be regularly monitored by physician and staff to ensure the safety of the individual.
  3. Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol and drugs…individuals may be tested during treatment this includes laboratory testing, toxicology for alcohol and drugs, blood alcohol concentrations, and confirmatory laboratory analysis.
  4. Providing alcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment services…our drug rehabs Escondido facility provides ongoing treatment and recovery. This includes laboratory testing that monitor the stabilization of the individual through the provision of ongoing treatment. Testing includes administering and receiving TB, HIV, Hepatitis, drug and alcohol testing, and other screenings that impact the provision of treatment services.
  5. Overseeing individual self-administered medications…this facility provides medications for management of detoxification and withdrawal. Our drug rehabs Carlsbad carefully monitors medication any medications needed to assist the individual through the treatment and recovery process. All medications are ordered by the physician and closely monitored.
  6. Treating substance abuse disorders, including detoxification…this facility provides medication assisted treatment (MAT) services. This is the use of federal drug administration approved medications in combination with behavioral therapies to provide a whole person approach to treating substance use disorders. All individuals will receive information regarding these medications upon admission.

The six categories of incidental medical services at our drug rehabs Escondido, California facility are addressed upon initial admission during treatment between the individual and physician. These services are monitored regularly during treatment by the physician. They are intended to start upon entering treatment and gradually become less as the individual moves through treatment. Everyone has a personalized course of treatment pertaining to their specific goals and objectives which are determined during the the admissions process.

HGR Drug Rehabs San Diego 6 Program Goals and Objectives Achieve Long-Term Recovery

Our inpatient drug rehabs San Diego, California facility specializes in opiate and alcohol detox, and residential inpatient rehabilitation. We are one of southern California’s best addiction treatment centers. Our evidence-based treatment protocols, experienced staff, and credentialed substance abuse counselors really care. You become part of our family during and after treatment. Their gentle and understand care is evident during the 6 program goals and objectives.

  1. Obtaining medical records
  2. Monitoring health status
  3. Drug and alcohol random testing
  4. Alcoholism or drug abuse recovery and treatment services
  5. Overseeing individual self-administered medications
  6. Medication assisted treatment (MAT) services

Goals and Objectives Customized Treatment at HGR Drug Rehabs San Diego Select Addiction Treatment Centers 

While attending our rehabilitation centers you get an individualized treatment plan. Upon entering our exclusive program, you and our Doctor will outline a plan that fits your recovery needs. Addiction treatment is different for everyone. Therefore, we offer many different options. We have many other services including:

  • incidental medical services
  • medication assisted treatment (MAT)
  • diet, exercise
  • individual counseling
  • family therapy
  • sober living
  • community activities

HGR drug rehabs San Diego is staffed with experienced licensed, certified, and registered professionals. They are all highly motivated by their compassion to help recovering individuals. Give our drug rehabs Escondido and Carlsbad, California centers a call now at (760) 697-0497 to start your new life.

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