Drug Rehabs San Diego Providing La Jolla and Escondido Addiction Treatment Centers Services


Our drug rehabs Escondido has San Diego and Carlsbad, California options including inpatient, opiate and alcohol detox, and intensive outpatient care.

We do not accept Medi-Cal or Medicaid.

We do accept most all insurances including TRICARE, Aetna PPO and Cigna PPO.

COVID-19 RESPONSE: Harmony Grove Recovery is currently open and accepting new clients.

Steps Harmony Grove Recovery has implemented for COVID-19 to ensure the safety of staff and clients:

  • Harmony Grove Recovery has implemented increased disinfectant daily cleaning throughout the entire facility.
  • Our staff have been educated and completed certification for COVID-19.
  • Our facility screens all persons prior to entering the facility.
  • Our facility has COVID-19 testing kits to screen for infection.
  • Visitation has been limited to necessary situations only.

For more information please call 760-697-0497. Don’t hesitate, get the help you need in our safe and supportive facility.


Inpatient Drug Rehabs San Diego

Residential, Inpatient and PHP Treatments

The residential and inpatient drug rehabs San Diego services go beyond other addiction treatment services. We provide the highest level of medical care and a well credentialed counseling staff. Dealing with the underlying co-occurring disorders is paramount for rehabilitation success. This combined with our luxury amenities make Harmony Grove Recovery a logical choice in Escondido, San Diego and Carlsbad, California. Take that first step today, call (760) 697-0497 and regain control of your life.

Intensive Outpatient IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego Program

Intensive Outpatient Addiction Treatment

The intensive outpatient drug rehab  program in California is extremely flexible. This option allows individuals to maintain employment and spend time with loved ones. When we develop the individualized treatment plans the outpatient program is custom tailored providing the best options to continue functioning in society. Call our IOP centers today at (760) 697-0497 and get your life back on track.

Opiate and Alcohol Detox San Diego California

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification

Harmony Grove Recovery's opiate and alcohol detox Escondido and San Diego addiction treatment center understands the detoxification process. Many times, this is the first step in the addiction treatment recovery process. Our experienced staff makes this as comfortable as possible. Medically supervised detoxification is always the best choice. This option can provide comfort medications to drastically reduce the withdrawal process. Give our drug rehabs Escondido treatment centers a call today at (760) 697-0497.



drug-rehabs-San-diego-California-for-inpatient-intensive outpatient-IOP-alcohol-detox-and-opiate-detoxification.

Harmony Grove Recovery is one of the best luxury drug rehabs San Diego offers. Our services include inpatient, residential, alcohol and opiate detox, and intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment. The southern California executive living accommodations along with the best qualified medical staff makes it one of the best choices for rehabilitation in the US.

Our outpatient drug rehabs San Diego provides a highly credentialed counseling staff that educates on dealing with drug and alcohol addiction. They provide the tools to deal with dual diagnosis, and relapse prevention that foster long-term recovery. Co-occurring disorders like trauma, abuse, anxiety and other behavioral health issues are at the center of addiction. We completely address these issues helping you get released from the grips of addiction.

Our drug and alcohol detox center with private rooms and luxury amenities are located in beautiful San Diego, CA. The staff includes licensed and certified, caring professionals who cater to a very high level of quality healthcare and customer service. We are dedicated to providing you with an individualized addiction treatment plan, high quality medical care, comfortable and relaxing environment during your drug rehabs, California rehabilitation experience.

Our commitment is your success.

When seeking the best luxury drug rehabs San Diego you demand more than just outstanding ammenties. At Harmony Grove Recovery our number one priority is providing the highest quality drug rehabilitation medical care. Our focus is helping individuals and their loved ones get through their alcohol and drug abuse issues. We understand addiction and the difficulty surrounding this disease.

Our California substance absue facility was founded on the idea of providing clients with a safe, supportive environment with all the tools needed to achieve long-term sobriety. We develop individualized treatments, incorporating family dynamics for overall recovery and wellness that stems from within. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment team is dedicated to long-term recovery success. We offer the utmost addiction care in a highly desirable setting. Through our San Diego County facility’s luxurious amenities, we are here to help end the cycle of addiction.


At Harmony Grove Recovery's luxury drug rehab in Escondido, California services San Diego, and Carlsbad. We assist in helping each client achieve a balanced life that promotes long-term sobriety and good overall health. Our substance abuse treatment center is made up of friendly, professional and caring individuals. We are one of the best telehealth drug rehabs San Diego offers. Our ultimate goal is for you to develop a healthy and wholesome lifestyle. Our evidence based drug rehabilitation approach to healing includes daily group and individual therapy. We achieve this through a unique holistic approach.  

All of our drug rehabs San Diego and Escondido addiction treatment services are tailored to fit each client’s individual needs. Whether its 30, 60, or 90 days, our facility welcomes both short and long-term care. This flexibility is throughout our different levels of care including detoxification, inpatient, and intensive outpatient.

Drug Rehabs San Diego Group & Individual Sessions

We provide the best therapy sessions at our substance abuse treatment centers in San Diego rehabilitation facility. We focus on a personalized treatment plan to help you focus on specific goals and objectives throughout your treatment. We work closely alongside you to help you overcome your issues, become successful, and achieve greatness.

Drug Rehabs San diego Private Bedrooms and Bathrooms

With our drug rehabs Escondido locations we provide private bedrooms and bathrooms. Here our clients can find solace in their time of need. We understand and respect our clients privacy and personal-space during the recovery process when needed. 

Family Sessions

Family involvement is one of the key components at our addiction treatment centers Escondido and San Diego addiction treatment center. We understand the importance of family support during the road to recovery. Our therapy includes a family-based treatment approach to address the issues surrounding alcohol & substance abuse.

Educational Sessions

Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment facilities near Escondido, San Diego, and Carlsbad educational meetings focus on co-occurring disorders and relapse prevention. They are meant to prepare you for the difficult subject of addiction. We teach you all aspects related to addiction, recovery, and overall well-being.

Self Help Meetings

A 12-step approach has shown to increase long-term recovery. We encourage a self-help approach to aid in the addiction recovery process. With our assistance, we introduce AA and NA meetings and the 12-steps.


Court Approved

We have assisted many individuals at our rehabilitation centers in Escondido, California substance abuse treatment center. Our staff has experience dealing with local courts in southern California. Our licensing and certifications make us the best option for court-ordered treatment. We provide all the necessary conditions needed for court issues.

Fitness Gym

Work through your recovery with our specialized fitness program. Our state-of-the-art gym facility helps maximize the health benefits of working out. With our assistance, you will have access to our fully equipped gym to help you throughout your addiction recovery process.


Equine Therapy

Through the use of horse therapy, we encourage emotional growth and personal development. Equine therapy is an effective treatment method meant to supplement other aspects of your recovery.

Drug Rehabs San Deigo Holistic Treatments

Our rehabilitation centers in San Diego addiction treatment holistic approach advocates for seeking physical health, social relationships, and spiritual connections. This helps transform your life into a well-rounded picture of health. We seek to go above and beyond traditional addiction rehab programs.

Drug Rehabs Escondido with Opiate and Alcohol Detox Centers in the San Diego, California Area Helps Get Your Life Back on Track