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Our drug rehabs Escondido, California location is a popular choice for substance abuse rehabilitation for many reasons. Escondido, CA is one of the largest cities in San Diego County with over 150,000 people. It has many things that attract people to want to live here. Many come here to enroll in the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. However, once their substance abuse rehabilitation program is completed, many tend to stay to live in the community.

Why Our Inpatient Drug Rehabs Escondido, California Centers Are Popular

HGR inpatient drug rehabs Escondido provides the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment in the nation. This is one of our most popular locations. We strive to be the best addiction treatment centers in California. Our substance abuse rehabilitation locations include the following areas.

  • drug rehabs Escondido
  • inpatient drug rehabs San Diego
  • drug rehabs Riverside
  • drug rehabs Carlsbad
  • outpatient drug rehabs La Jolla
  • IOP drug rehabs Temecula
  • Drug rehabs Murrieta
  • Best Orange County drug rehabs

One of the biggest reasons we are located in Escondido is because of its’ large population and its’ attraction to want to live here. Who does not want to be in Orange County California year-round. The weather is always comfortable and there are many things to do here. Let’s take a look at some of the popular attractions.

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Escondido, California Popular Attractions

  1. San Diego Zoo Safari Park – The zoo is located in the San Pasquel Valley near Escondido, California. This place is massive at 1,800 acres! It has over 2,600 animals. What’s even better is that the animal exhibits at the African Tram are free range enclosures.
  2. Palomar Mountain State Park – This is a popular location with our inpatient drug rehabs Escondido staff and clients. Many like to visit location that sits high on the west side of Palomar Mountain. You can spend days exploring this 1,862-acre forest. It is loaded with amenities like hiking trails, campsites, fishing, and coastal vistas.

  1. Escondido, CA Queen Califia’s Magical Circle – This is the only one like it in the world. It is an amazing sculpture garden by Niki de Saint Phalle. It is massive in scale with a 400-foot-long snake wall. It has a aw inspired maze at the entryway. There are nine freestanding sculptures in the garden. This is an inspiring place to visit for our IOP drug rehabs Escondido, California clients.
  2. Elfin forest Recreational Reserve located at 8833 Harmony Grove Rd, Escondido, CA 92029. This is San Diego county’s most valuable resource. It hosts protected native plant communities such as oak riparian, coastal sage scrub, and chaparral. It has been designed to improve the local water supply in Escondido.
  3. Lake Hodges Pedestrian Suspension Bridge is a popular destination for our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center Escondido clients. The visual spectacle is 99 feet long and an inspiring 12 feet wide. It spans an impressive 330 feet with only two piers in the lake. It is one of only four stressed ribbon-style bridges in the western hemisphere. This is why our outpatient drug rehabs Escondido staff recommend this to all our substance abuse rehabilitation clients.

HGR Inpatient Addiction Treatment Centers and Alcohol Detox  Escondido Explained

Our inpatient drug rehabs Escondido location provides the highest level of substance abuse treatment. While we strive to provide the best addiction treatment, we also make sure we accept most health insurance for mental, addiction treatment and drug and alcohol detox. The inpatient addiction treatment center in Escondido last for about 15-30 days.

Residential inpatient usually follows our drug and alcohol detox centers in Escondido. It is generally for those with a more severe long-term addiction. It can also be beneficial for those who have never attend drug and alcohol addiction treatment. Here you will get one on one counseling from our credentialed substance abuse counselors. During the treatment process you will learn about addiction, get relapse prevention skills, and learn about the co-occurring disorders. It is here where many addiction treatment centers fail.


HGR inpatient drug rehabs Escondido, California staff educate on addiction. We understand the addiction treatment process is different for each of our clients. We provide an individualized addiction treatment plan designed for the individual. You will learn about your addiction and


HGR Outpatient Drug Rehabs Escondido Focuses on Long-term Recovery

Our outpatient drug rehabs Escondido, California location has one of the most flexible addiction treatment programs. Here our clients meet three times per week. Each session is tree hours long. Our addiction treatment center staff are flexible with meeting times.

The IOP drug rehabs Escondido program utilizes group therapy. You will meet in a group setting with your peers experiencing the same challenges as you are during treatment. You will also be introduced to the 12-steps and AA or Alcoholics Anonymous. According to the National Institute of Health or NIH individuals who attend drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers and Alcoholics Anonymous achieve higher rates of abstinence.

Our outpatient drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers are Joint Commission accredited. This means that it is the highest level of care for substance abuse rehabilitation. This accreditation is difficult to get and more difficult to keep. HGR outpatient addiction treatment centers in Escondido, California accepts most health insurances. Here are just a few of the health insurances at our California drug rehabs that we accept.

  • Anthem blue Cros health insurance
  • TRICARE insurance
  • United Healthcare
  • AETNA health Insurance
  • CIGNA Health Insurance

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HGR drug rehabs Escondido, California is here to help. We are highly accredited with the Joint commission accreditation. We only utilize credentialed substance abuse counselors. Our addiction treatment centers provide drug and alcohol detox, residential inpatient addiction treatment, IOP drug rehab and outpatient addiction treatment. In addition, we take many health insurances.

We have tried to help with any obstacles for individuals seeking substance abuse rehabilitation services. However, the first step must be made by you. If you or a loved one are suffering from drug and alcohol addiction, we can help. We have helped 1000’s get into long-term recovery.

Call our drug rehabs Escondido, California location now. We can get you in today! You can get your happy and health life back under control. It starts with that phone call.

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