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Alcohol, anger, and criminal charges the correlation 

You may be thinking to yourself how does this all correlate and why is alcohol linked to criminal charges or anger? The truth is alcohol reacts differently in everyone’s body. One person may drink and be very happy and outgoing and someone else may drink and be angry or depressed. The bottom line when it comes to alcohol is the fact that it is what is known as a CNSD or central nervous system depressant. When you are ingesting heavy levels of alcohol it can have a profound or catastrophic effect on your neurological function. 

Alcoholism Lowers Inhibitions


So, you are probably asking yourself, how is this all related? The best outpatient drug rehabs San Diego centers have done some research for you. Studies have shown when you have an individual that is intoxicated by alcohol bad things happen. They are more likely to not only commit crimes whether big or small but have more likely hood to become angry or aggressive. The simple reason is because the more alcohol you introduce into your system you will begin to lower or lose your inhibitions.

This means you start to have no regard for other people’s opinions or your actions and may do things or say things you may not typically have done if you were sober. The euphoric feeling you have when you first start drinking alcohol will be very short lived, whether that’s in a few minutes or a few hours. It’ll always come back to the scientific fact that alcohol is a depressant.

When you get to that point with euphoria fades away emotions sucks as anger, aggression, anxiety and depression will almost always set in. When you add all of this together along with the loss of inhibition, this is when mistakes and mood changes occur even further. 

DWI and Criminal Charges The Ultimate Alcohol Problem Warning


Studies done in 2020 by the NHTSA have shown that about 28 people a day die in the unites states which is about one person every 52 minutes due to driving while intoxicated. This statistic does not include the approximately 1.5 million people within a year time period that were arrested for driving under the influence. These numbers are only rapidly growing due to the number of individuals that struggle with alcohol abuse or alcohol use disorder.

These individuals tend to become more complacent when drinking and driving and start to do it more often than expected. Think about it, if you struggle with alcoholism, you simply have the need to drink constantly, on the flip side that does not mean life stops. You will still need to go places and take care of everything you need to in life, so inevitably you will be intoxicated while driving.

When it comes to management of this issue states handle these charges differently. San Diego and California hve the most stringent laws when it comes to drinking and driving. For a misdemeanor driving under the influence, which is on the lower end of charges, you can expect to spend up to 48 hours in jail, $2,000 worth of fines. Also included is a three-month alcohol education program and prevention.

You also may end up with an interlock system on your vehicle depending on the severity of your charge and if there were any other parties injured. This is a system that’s installed in your vehicle and you would have to perform a breathalyzer not only to start your vehicle but multiple times while actively driving, you can end up with this system for upwards of two years. 

Alcohol Addiction Causes Other Criminal Legal Charges

Our drug rehabs San Diego staff knows driving under the influence is not the only criminal charge related to alcoholism or alcohol intoxication. It is estimated that 40% percent of all violent crimes in the US have a common factor of alcohol. This ranges from sexual assault, rape, physical assault or fights, robbery, even homicide. This all circles back to the key factor that alcohol innately will lower or remove all of your inhibitions. 

This does not always mean drinking alcohol leads to a criminal charge or arrest. There is emotional and physical damage it does on one’s personal life and relationships. A common emotion associated with alcohol intoxication or alcohol abuse is anger and aggression.

We all know that time we went out to a local bar and witnessed those random people fighting for what appears to be no real or valid reason. You may have experienced this yourself, many people call it the liquid courage.  There is also the side that to world does not see and that’s those who struggle with alcoholism and are taking their aggression out on their loved ones or family members.

When all inhibitions are lost, it appears that most individuals simply do not act in normal character. There could be domestic abuse, whether it’s physical, mental, emotional. There can also be property damage such as punching holes in walls, thrown property etc. The one thing that hold true is that the intoxicated individual is simply just not in the right state of mind. Alcohol has an effect on all of your emotions but anger/ depression seem to be some of the most common.

“Can I Get My Alcoholism Under Control?” and “What do I do from here?”

Many individuals struggling with this viscous cycle known as alcoholism ask themselves this same question on a daily basis. There are absolutely many different options when you see that you are going down this dark path which appears to have no end. The first step would be to recognize it. Like anything in substance abuse of any sort it’s imperative that you understand and accept that you may have a problem. Anger and criminal charges may not have occurred to an extreme level to you, but inevitably continuing down the alcoholism path will only bring negative consequences. 

So you have now accepted that you may indeed have a problem when it comes to drinking or alcohol abuse. Go to others for help. This is a very vague statement, but it is most definitely needed to ensure the right beginning steps to your recovery. Whether you reach out to family, friends, or even strangers who may understand what you are going through you must not try to do it on your own.

There are many options and an excellent starting point is Harmony Grove Recovery’s alcohol detox San Diego or our  outpatient substance abuse programs. This is where you have trained addiction individuals in every aspect of recovery. You have professionals that are experienced in mental health and the psychological aspect of addiction.

Our Drug Rehabs San Diego Addiction Treatment Centers Can Help


Harmony Grove Recovery’s inpatient and outpatient drug rehabs San Diego have trained medical professionals who ensure the safest and best treatment course for you. When you are in an inpatient program you will get a new sense of self-worth and acceptance, things you may have never felt previously or during your active addiction. You will be given routine which is imperative for someone who is struggling with addiction to maintain and learn how to function in normal society. Lastly you will receive education on relapse prevention and how to better manage those triggers you have of everyday living. 

If you or someone you know is struggling with alcohol, anger or on that border of it becoming a detrimental part of your life, you need to seek help. Alcoholism is a very common battle that people deal with and should never be dealt with alone. Please reach out to the professionals at Harmony Grove Recovery who can get you on the path of a happy, healthy, and ultimately successful recovery. 


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