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Alcohol detox San Diego, California explains the top 7 signs an alcoholic needs detoxification. If you’re experiencing withdrawal symptoms or have abused alcohol long enough that your body needs time to recover, then you probably do. But the question is, how do you tell if you need a supervised medical detoxification? It’s not always easy to tell, especially if you drink regularly and are used to the effects of alcohol. However, alcohol detox can be life threatening. Just because you made it through one detox with no complications is misleading to the dangers that can occur. Here are the top 7 warning signs that indicate that you’ll likely benefit from an alcohol detoxification program.

Alcohol Detox San Diego, California Answers, “Why Do I need an Alcohol Detox?

alcohol detox san diego explains why detoxification is needed

Our alcohol detox San Diego, California staff hears the misconceptions every day. Many people think that they can quit alcohol on their own. Some think that going to an treatment center is only for people who have hit rock bottom. There are many reasons why someone might need to detox from alcohol—even if they don’t want to stop drinking completely. Even if you don’t think you’re an alcoholic and you aren’t struggling with addiction, it’s time to stop and think. It may be time for an alcohol detox. Drinking too much can cause or worsen common ailments like colds and flus, as well as more serious conditions like ulcers or liver disease.

 If you’re drinking heavily on a regular basis, it can be hard to remember if your drinking habits have changed over time. Here are five signs that may indicate it’s time for an alcohol detox: If you need more alcohol than before to achieve your desired level of intoxication is one sign. If you don’t feel as intoxicated as you once did with a smaller amount of alcohol, tolerance is at play. The more often and heavily you drink, the more likely it is that your body will adjust by becoming tolerant to alcohol. This means that even after periods of sobriety (like detox), your body won’t react in its normal way when consuming alcohol again.

What Are the Top 5 Symptoms That You Need Our Alcohol Detox San Diego, California Center

Our alcohol detox San Diego, California staff felt the need to educate on this. They have seen so many misconceptions with people entering treatment, or excuses for not entering treatment. Having a drug or alcohol problem is difficult, but it’s important to get help. Here are the top 5 reasons alcoholics or individuals with a drinking problem need professional help. Some signs that you need to go through a drug detox program include the following.

  1. Binge Drinking – The first symptom is alcohol abuse and often, addicts find themselves binge drinking. This is considered to be a sign of alcoholism when a person binges several times per week, usually on weekends.
  2. Blackouts – After consistently drinking for an extended period of time, people suffering from alcoholism can develop a blackout from which they do not remember anything that occurred after taking their last drink of alcohol.
  3. Physical Symptoms – Drinking every day can cause all sorts of physical problems for alcoholics including weight gain, high blood pressure and liver damage.
  4. Changes In Behavior – People who are trying to get sober often go through some drastic personality changes including mood swings and obsessive thinking about drinking or drugs despite being sober and vowing not to think about them anymore
  5. Denial – A lot of alcoholics deny that they have a problem with alcohol because it is such a difficult thing to admit. But recognizing these five signs could help an alcoholic realize that he or she does need professional help.

How Does an Alcohol Detox Center Perform a Detoxification?


There are a few different ways our alcohol detox San Diego, California addiction treatment centers perform an alcohol detoxification. Firstly, it is always recommended that a medically supervised detox be performed. There are life threatening complications that can arise quickly at an at home detox.  With medically supervised detox, you’re given medication to help reduce your painful withdrawal symptoms and prevent you from going into withdrawal. Medically supervised detox may be used if you have severe symptoms, such as dangerous levels of dehydration or seizures, or if you need to take other medications while getting sober. Our doctors typically prescribe medication like benzodiazepines (like Valium) to make withdrawal easier on patients.

There is also a non-medial alcohol detox. This is not recommended due to the severity of complications that can quickly arise. In non-medical detoxification, also called cold turkey, there’s no medication to help you go through withdrawal. This is usually performed in a residential or inpatient setting and lasts for about 5 days. When non-medical detoxification is done properly, it has a relatively high success rate with few serious side effects. Medical detox can be effective as well if prescribed properly by a doctor, but it can cause more side effects than non-medical detox.

How Do You Know If You Need a Drug Rehab?

Our alcohol detox San Diego, California staff teamed up with our drug rehab staff. They concluded that our clients say it’s hard to acknowledge that you might have a problem. if you regularly experience several of these symptoms—or all of them—it could indicate that you need help getting your drinking under control. You can also ask yourself if drinking alcohol has started to interfere with other aspects of your life, such as work or social events. If so, it may be time to consider what level of treatment is right for you. Our San Diego drug rehabs can help remove toxins from your body and establish healthy boundaries between yourself and your vices. Whatever kind of treatment you choose, there are many resources available to help guide your decision.

A lot of people have trouble answering that question, whether it’s for themselves or for someone they love. Fortunately, there are five fairly common warning signs that indicate your drinking has become a problem. If you’re concerned you might have a drinking problem and aren’t sure what to do about it, there are dozens of alcohol detox centers all over North America; these facilities provide life-saving support and resources for those who suffer from alcoholism. Contact one today to learn more.

If you’re struggling with alcoholism, there is no shame in seeking help. Our alcohol detox San Diego professionals can remove harmful toxins from your body and introduce you to other recovery tools. Tools like, therapy and support groups, that can give you a healthier outlook on life. If you or someone you love needs help dealing with alcoholism, contact us today at 760-697-0497. We have the experience and tools to give you long-term recovery.

You Can’t Overcome Your Past: For many people, realizing they need drug rehab feels like a failure—especially if they’ve been using for years. These feelings of guilt and shame often stop people from getting effective treatment when they need it most. But don’t let your past prevent you from accepting help today.

Drug rehabs La Jolla You Battle the Top 5 Signs You Need An Alcohol Detox

The alcohol detox San Diego, California staff hopes they have helped educate you on detoxification. Knowing you need help is critical. Once you know you have an alcohol problem, reaching out for help is the first step. Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs La Jolla, California can help you now.

A trip to an alcohol detox center can help those who are suffering from addiction regain control of their lives. These facilities aren’t meant to punish or even shame people into sobriety—instead, they use a controlled environment to help patients gradually wean themselves off drugs and alcohol so that they can face sobriety head-on with guidance and support. Detoxification allows individuals to regain their composure and health while also helping them learn how to cope with stress without using substances as a crutch. If you think you may have a problem with drugs or alcohol, it’s time for you to seek professional assistance in your journey toward recovery. 

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health revealed that as of 2018, there were more than 20.3 million people suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol. Of these, only 9.2 percent reported receiving addiction treatment in any form. Why do so many suffer in silence? The answer is complicated, but it usually boils down to two things: shame and denial. People who are suffering from drug or alcohol addiction are often unaware of their condition until it’s too late—or they don’t want to face what’s really going on with them because of feelings of inadequacy or self-doubt. Others simply feel that they can get through it alone, but when substance abuse spirals out of control, only a professional intervention can save a life. Call our alcohol detox San Diego, California centers now and get your happy and healthy life back.

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