What is Equine Therapy at Drug Rehabs San Diego?

You are probably asking yourself “What is Equine therapy” at our drug rehabs San Diego addiction treatment centers? Equine assisted therapy is a form of treatment and psychotherapy with the use of horses in a therapeutic setting. This treatment can be used for any age group from adolescents to adults, anyone can benefit. It can be seen as a natural gateway for emotional growth and healing for those with substance abuse disorders and/or mental illnesses.

Working with our horses can be a way to not only learn personal responsibility. It can build a connection in a healthy and productive setting. Our horses have all been rescued from slaughter and have been cleared for therapeutic treatment. Second chances is a strong basis of why we do what we do. 

Equine Therapy at Drug rehabs San Diego. “What Exactly Should You Expect?”


Well the answer to this is that there is not an treatment plan for any individual with our eqine therapy drug rehabs San diego centers each client has their own treatment needs. Our credentialed and experienced certified staff will find what works best for you. This involves basic grooming of the animals, feeding and even just simple walks with the animals. Clients will assume responsibility over this animal while making an emotional and physical bond.

Horses are known to be very hypersensitive animals and can detect the emotions or feelings of the individuals around them. This gives the client and staff the opportunity to visually see how the client may be emotionally during that session. You should expect to be able to open up about how you are truly feeling in the moment while keeping your mind at ease with your horse. 

Who Uses Equine Therapy at our Drug Rehabs San Diego Addiction Treatment Centers? 

At our equine therapy drug rehabs in San Diego we’ve seen a numerous amount of individuals benefit from the use of using equine assisted therapy. Most commonly would be those suffering with substance abuse disorders and mental illness. Those struggling with addiction will now have the opportunity to channel that negative energy into a more positive and productive atmosphere.

For example the simple grooming of an animal and ensuring it’s well being can be a new learned responsibility for the client. this offers them a chance to be proud of something and what they have accomplished. This has been proven to significantly improve an individuals self-esteem to someone who feels of no worth or that they have nothing to be proud of. You as the client now have the responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of an animal that mirrors your own personality. 

This activity is extremely useful with our many clients at our duel diagnosis outpatient San Diego addiction treatment centers. Most drug and alcohol addiction has co-occurring disorders. These are underlying issues that are at the core of addiction. It is paramount that these be addressed and dealt with properly. The equine therapy helps in that process.

There Are More Benefits From Using Equine Therapy

The benefits at our equine therapy drug rehabs San Diego centers are nearly endless. As we touched on earlier this new found responsibility actually works wonderful for many substance abuse rehabilitation clients. We as human beings naturally appreciate a purpose.

The most successful and driven individuals in the world succeeded only because they had a purpose. We believe no purpose is to big or small,  This type of treatment is the perfect outlet for those who are unsure of their feelings and what they may be able to accomplish. Horses are not judge-mental creatures actually on the contrary they are very loving and caring animals who often move in packs.

For horses to work well in a small pack they have to understand the emotions of rest of the pack. In this case it is you and your therapist. This mirroring behavior is a perfect gateway and opportunity to begin your session and give your therapist the true understand of how you are feeling. It has been proven that it reduces anxiety, relieves stress and overall helps individuals overcome traumatic circumstances. 

Mental Health Treatment San Diego and New Found Responsibility


The mental health treatment San Diego option is greatlt aided by our equine therapy sessions. It is no secret that within addiction and those who struggle with it, You loose your sense of responsibility. Many individuals feel that they are choosing alcohol or drugs over taking care of responsibilities at home. When you are in the grasp of addiction you may feel like you have absolutely no control over anything. This makes it hard to take responsibility over the actions you have taken or mistakes you have made.

A proven part of our drug rehabs San Diego recovery program is the building of a routine and maintenance of that new found purpose. What does that mean? When going through the recovery process it is imperative to develop a healthy and productive routine. This being said even with that routine human nature requires us to have responsibility for all of our actions. It is your choice as an individual if you will take positive responsibility or negative.

In the caring and  grooming of these animals your are now responsible for the well being of this horse. Clients tend to feel appreciated and valued when their efforts feel as though they are being reciprocated. You will receive instant gratification from the animal with the efforts that you out fourth into taking care of them. This not only alleviates stress or anxiety, but truly helps you understand you are capable of making a difference and having responsibility. this also assists in many aspects of care with our mental health treatment San Diego program.

Adolescent Outpatient San Diego Program Helps Old and Young Adults 


Our adolescent outpatient San Diego program has benefits for teens and adults. Other benefits that stem from this form of therapy can be as simple as a change of pace. Those involved in long term treatment, especially at a long term treatment center can tend to become restless or even feel like every day is monotonous.

Sitting in therapy groups can become very routine which for some individuals can turn off their ability for desire to learn new coping skills. With this form of therapy it gives individuals the chance to be outside in nature which is very naturally therapeutic. This individuals that may require some sort of stimulation to stay engaged will now have that opportunity.

We’ve found at our adolescent outpatient San Diego centers there are many advantages to involving animals. Clients will be hands on with the horse whether it’s grooming or walking which can take away some of the anxiety of just having a face to face conversation. The horse can act as a great buffer for more difficult conversations, yet still give the client and therapist the opportunity to truly see the situation with the horses mirroring nature.

You may also be one of our adoleescent outpatient San diego clients that needs to keep busy or else you find it hard to stay on task. An example would be someone that likes to draw during group or has to do some sort of fidgeting. While this may not be allowed in some treatment setting it may complete disengage the client. With this form of treatment the client has the ability to keep busy with the horses needs which in return keeps them on track and focused. 

Mentail Health Treatment San Diego Involves Horses

Why is our mental health treatment San Diego program? This substance abuse rehabilitation program incorporates the use of horses. It is not secret that with the increase in mental health awareness we are seeing an upward trend in mental illnesses. The more services we create to assist those suffering with mental illness, we can began to change the curve in ever increasing suicide rates. Some of mental health issues we treat include the follwing.

  • PTSD
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • schizophrenia
  • many more

It has not been until recently that we have realized the one void we had in our healthcare system was mental health facilities and specialist. With new growth comes new drug and alcohol addiction treatment methods for those who do suffer with these illnesses. Our society previously did not take mental health seriously and it’s severely impacted our societies suicide and repeat offender rates.

Equine Therapy in San Diego, California Has Many Advantages


Our equine therapy San Diego options knows not all treatment has to be intense. We are only beginning to understand now that medication is not the only treatment for those who have a mental illness. Through many different studies and trials we have developed different psycho therapies such as our Equine Assisted Therapy in San Diego, Caifornia. Where horses come into this is just like with the addiction clients they will mirror personalities.

Those individuals that struggle with their mental well-being may not even fully understand themselves the way they are feeling. The animal will be able to indicate to the therapist in what direction the client needs to be led. This will also give that person a safe place. Human nature is that we always want to feel secure, safe and surrounded by a loving environment.

This is when we tend to thrive and do extremely well. While utilizing the horses may be a less common method it has been proven to alleviate symptoms of ; anxiety, depression, loneliness and even anger. When someone connects with a creature whether a human or animal it makes a huge impact on how they react. What you give to the horse, the horse will give back to you. 

Equine therapy is an excellent and therapeutic way to communicate your feelings. If you are unsure if it is the right fit for you give our equine therapy San Diego program a call now at (760) 697-0497. You will get many benefits from the interaction and so much more. 

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