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Why is Marijuana Use Popular?

The main increase in use has been fueled by the questionable legalization of marijuana in California. From San Diego to Los Angeles it has affected many areas, and not in a good way. Most common term glorified by the late Bob Marley and other reggae artist would be Ganja. There was a huge increase in the use of marijuana in California when it became legalized for recreational use in 2012. Although cannabis is not recognized as legal on a federal standard many individuals believe that it is now open territory for any type of behavior.

According to a national survey on drug use and health 43 million Americans admitted to smoking or using pot in the last year. 4:20 was the time of day some teens at San Rafael High in Northern California would get together every day after school to smoke weed and get high. It is now a huge part of our culture, basically the word for the “weed culture.” There has also been a strong influence from media and music today. For example one of the biggest promoters for smoking weed in his songs would be Snoop Dog. Every other song title relates to smoking weed. Many impressionable teens and individuals fell in line with the Rastafarian side of it. Many individuals believe that reggae and Rastafarian beliefs are solely based on smoking weed and getting high. This in fact is not true about this religion.

Rastafari, also known as Rastafarianism and the Rastafari movement, is a religion that developed in Jamaica during the 1930s. It is classified as both a new religious movement and a social movement by scholars of religion. There is no central authority in control of the movement and much diversity exists among practitioners, who are known as Rastafari, Rastafarians, or Rastas.

Who smokes marijuana?

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In 2019 there was a survey taken by Gallup that states 12% of the whole American population smoke marijuana on a regular basis. 18-29 year old’s are the most likely to habitually smoke marijuana. These age groups are rapidly decreasing to a younger and younger generation. Today marijuana or THC is consumed in a multitude or fast and easily accessible ways. Most recently VAPE pens have become extremely popular. What is a vape pen you ask? An electronic cigarette is an electronic device that simulates tobacco smoking. It consists of an atomizer, a power source such as a battery, and a container such as a cartridge or tank. Instead of smoke, the user inhales vapor.

As such, using an e-cigarette is often called “vaping”. The problem with Vape pens is that it is extremely appealing to the younger generation. You can buy cartridges of many different flavors. Vape pens were initially created as an alternative to smoking your basic cigarettes. This was seen as a healthier and less disgusting way to get your nicotine fix. Dispensaries took this capability and ran with it. You can buy cartridges that are name “blue dream”, “sunset sherbet” , “Maui wowie” all names extremely appealing to a younger generation.

Between the traditional weed plant smoking and the vape pen this gives teens and adults many different ways to consume. Edibles is a alternative way of consuming marijuana without having to smoke it. Edibles are cannabis-based food products. They come in many different forms, from gummies to brownies, and contain either one or both of marijuana’s active ingredients: THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (cannabidiol). With the legalization of marijuana, edibles are increasing in popularity.

Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs San Diego staff educating Southern California

marijuana use is explained by all of our southern California addiction treatment centers for rehabilitation.

Our drug rehabs San Diego addiction treatment centers staff see the affects of marijuana use everyday. Many that enroll in our substance abuse programs are naive about the effects of marijuana use. Many do not realize how much they have lost. this has caused great concern for us a Harmony Grove Recovery.

We have implemented an educational program to better educate the public on marijuana use. Our enrollment numbers show that the need for substance abuse rehabilitation is wide spread in California. We are focusing on educating at all of our rehabilitation facilities including;

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  • inpatient and outpatient drug rehabs in Valley Center
  • best drug rehabs La Jolla
  • drug rehabs in San Marcos
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Medical Marijuana Paving the Road to Acceptance

The general public believes that marijuana use is safe. This is a deadly misconception. The Center for Disease Control  and Prevention (CDC) has many in-depth studies on the affects of marijuana use. The damages to the brain are clear. The general population needs to research these and learn from them. Marijuana use affects;

  • The brain’s memory, learning, attention and changes the brain’s chemistry.
  • Marijuana use during pregnancy affect the unborn child.
  • Using marijuana while breast feeding puts the drug in infants.
  • Marijuana use is linked to anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia.
  • Lungs and cardiovascular systems are greatly damaged from marijuana use

Part of the reason for its’ acceptance is the use for medical purposes. The general public looks at it like if it’s ok for medical reasons, it must be safe. The use of Marijuana for medicinal value has been legal since 1996. Medical Marijuana would treat things such as:

  • Appetite loss
  • Nausea
  • Cancer
  • Pain Relief
  • Dementia
  • Epilepsy

What are the popular names for Marijuana?

Marijuana also know as cannabis is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant primarily used for medical purposes. There are different types of cannabis, you have Sativa, Indica & Ruderalis. Common names that are used in placement of the word marijuana would be:

  • Mary Jane
  • Bud
  • Ganja
  • Herb
  • Pot
  • Pakalolo (Low)
  • Grass

These are just naming a few of the many names that marijuana has been referenced to over the years. However, now there are many new names that are much more creative. These are commonly used by legal marijuana sellers, millennials, gen x, gen y and gen z. Some of these new names include;

  • vanilla frosting
  • white runtz
  • fatso
  • forbidden lemon glue
  • lemon lava
  • cheetah piss
  • magic melon
  • papaya punch
  • island sweet skunk

What does it feel like to be high on marijuana?

Marijuana dates back to 500 BC. Sharman’s in China were burred with marijuana. As our society evolved the use of marijuana’s effects grew and so its use grew. The effects that attract so many include;

  • euphoric
  • relaxed
  • amused
  • giggly
  • creative
  • hungry
  • sensitive to light, color, sound, touch, taste, smell
  • and much more.

What are the cons of marijuana consumption?

The problem with marijuana is regardless of the way it is ingested into your body you are still under the influence. The use of recreational marijuana is only legal in 11 states in the country and 34 states for medicinal use. Due to the legalization in some of these states there have been an increase in DUI convictions. Individuals do not realize or understand that it is just like drinking an alcoholic beverage, If you partake in consuming marijuana you are now under the influence. In 2018 42% of all drivers killed in a motor vehicle accident tested positive for legal/illegal drugs such as marijuana. Marijuana impairs judgement, slows your reaction time, and can cause your balance and coordination to be completely off. Yes there are health benefits to smoking marijuana but there are just as many if not more hazards to your health. To name a few:

  • Addiction
  • Tachycardia (Increased Heart Rate)
  • Short term memory loss
  • Lesions and scaring to the lungs
  • Hallucinations
  • Increased Anxiety

These can all lead to a very dangerous situation for an individual under the influence of marijuana. Marijuana is highly addictive in nature because of how easily accessible it is.

Harmony Grove Recovery Drug Rehabs San Diego Can Help


Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs San Diego, California provides addiction treatment services in a luxury setting. Each individual is provided a private bedroom. We provide group and individual therapy, recreational activities, medical services and medications. If you or someone is struggling with addiction please call 769-697-9497.

Today you can call up a dispensary and they will deliver to you whatever type of weed you would like in less then an hour. This is a problem because individuals will over indulge in smoking and could put themselves into respiratory arrest. A Majority of addicts or alcoholics will commonly test positive for THC amongst other drugs taken which is extremely dangerous. Use of any drug with another drug is usually always contraindicated. There is a rising number of individuals discovering that they have unknowingly become addicted to marijuana at a rapid pace. Recognize the signs of marijuana addiction

  • Continuing using even though it’s affecting social or relationship problems.
  • Craving or a strong desire to smoke.
  • Developing a tolerance or seeing that it takes more and more to feel high.
  • With-drawl symptoms (tremors, nausea, hallucinations etc.)
  • Thinking about cutting back or stopping without success.

Marijuana can be a slippery slope and needs to addressed immediately.  Harmony Grove Recovery accepts PPO insurances and Tricare. We provide individual treatment plans and are here to help build a solid recovery foundation for long term success. Give us a call now at (760) 697-0497 and we can help you to stop depending on marijuana use. We can help you get back you memory and rewire your brain. the most difficult step is to make the call. Once you do, we can get you into long-term recovery and get you life back under control.

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