IOP Drug Rehabs La Jolla Explains Why Cocaine

Our IOP drug rehabs La Jolla staff recently defined “What is cocaine?” We did this because we are seeing a rise in cocaine use at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. This is cause for concern. Below we will explain what and how cocaine works. National studies have confirmed the rise in its’ use across the United States.

Outpatient IOP Drug Rehabs La Jolla Defines Cocaine

The outpatient IOP drug rehabs La Jolla staff have heard all the names associated with cocaine. It goes by multiple different names: Blow, Coke, Crack, Rock, Snow Etc. Cocaine is a powerful and addictive stimulant derived from the Coca plant native to South America. In many countries cocaine is used for medicinal purposes such as anesthetic or used in different types of surgical procedures. The issue we see today even close to home here in the United States is recreational use.

Cocaine starts out like a fun ride. However, it can get dark quite quickly. There are numerous reasons an individual would want to use cocaine recreationally. The top 4 reasons for cocaine use are;

  • a sense of euphoria
  • increased energy
  • more mentally alert
  • lower inhibitions making an individual more talkative

This is a very common party substance amongst every age group. Cocaine being a stimulant gives an individual an intoxicating feeling. To compare the feeling of cocaine would be comparable to the feeling you get when you complete a task or do extremely well on a test. Most individuals become extremely addicted to this feeling of accomplishment.

How Does Cocaine Affect the Body?


Our outpatient IOP drug rehabs La Jolla staff see first hand the effects of cocaine on the body. Cocaine can enter the body in many different ways. Most common forms of administration would be snorting, injecting, smoking, absorption through the gum. Those who snort Coke typically have the most delayed effect, but effects can last much longer. Smoking and injecting have an almost immediate effect on the body. The street product of cocaine is a white crystal powder substance which makes it extremely easy to snort. Snorting is also the easiest method so people are not carrying around a pipe or a syringe. This makes the drug much easier to conceal when it comes to law enforcement.

The National Institute on Drug Abuse has released some alarming cocaine statistics. This study shows 16.8 percent of adults over the age of 25 have used cocaine. This is a huge problem in itself, but it also is linked to increase heroin use. The good news is that there is help available. We see the miracle of recovery everyday at our IOP drug rehabs La Jolla location. If you or someone you know is struggling with cocaine abuse it’s important to get help. Harmony Grove Recovery accepts PPO health insurance, Tricare, and we are in network with Humana. Please call 760-697-0497 for more information.

Contrary to what most movies and shows display today, Cocaine is not all just fun and games with no consequences. This drug is extremely and highly addictive. Individuals become addicted to the euphoric feelings they feel while high. The rate of cocaine deaths in 2018 were nine times higher in Northeast urban counties than in Western rural counties. The National Institute of Drug Abuse stated that in 2019 there were over 70,000 drug overdoses. There are many negative physical effects on individuals. Cocaine is not all just euphoric moments. Physically cocaine can cause intense headaches, nausea, strokes, heart attacks sexual disfunction and HIV. It is usually easy to distinguish an individual that is actively under the influence of cocaine. Eyes will either be pinpoint or extremely dilated with a red glossy appearance. Usually an individual will be extremely diaphoretic or sweaty with tremors and a high heart rate. Unseen would be a very hypertensive blood pressure.

Cocaine Gets Lethal when Mixing Other Drugs


Some of our outpatient IOP drug rehabs La Jolla clients tell us they mixed cocaine with other drugs. The population also includes veterans suffering from PTSD. This becomes a deadly mixture. A common drug to lace with cocaine would be fentanyl. Fentanyl is a strong narcotic used for severe pain management. When mixed together the two drugs enhance the others effects. A major problem with this is the fact that when they are laced together there is no way of controlling the actual percentages of each drug in the batch. Cocaine that is mixed with fentanyl typically always have the higher amount of overdoses.

A majority of individuals looking to buy pure cocaine have no idea that the substance they are buying could be laced. Fentanyl tends to be easier to obtain then pure cocaine which makes it cheaper to buy and increases profitability for dealers. Although overdoses will not typically cause death immediately they can still be particularly dangerous. If you do not have properly trained medical personnel and the correct medication you will have a much higher probability of death. Too much of this drug can cause your body to go into respiratory distress and then eventually respiratory arrest.

Why Our IOP Drug Rehabs La Jolla Staff Supports Narcan (naloxone)

The staff at our IOP drug rehabs La Jolla location were happy to hear that Narcan is being more widely made available. Most recently in San Diego County the Emergency Medical Services director made the medication naloxone (Narcan) a mandatory medication to have on every single ambulance in service. This medication is specifically designed to treat and immediately reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. Narcan is not a long term solution and will only work with a short window to get someone to a hospital. Individuals that abuse opioids will carry Narcan on them to attempt to bring themselves out of an overdose if they go to far. Overdoses are on the rise especially with younger individuals. If you or someone you know is struggling, don’t wait! Get help now! Harmony Grove Recovery provides luxury services and tailored treatments to help each individual successfully establish and maintain long term sobriety.

Cocaine Use Opens the Door to Opiate Disorder

Some of our outpatient IOP drug rehabs La Jolla clients originally did not see coaine use as a potential life threatening problem. This is the other side of the opiate /cocaine issue which is abuse and addiction. Many individuals do not see cocaine as a substance abuse problem because it may be used recreationally or occasionally. The problem with this mentality is that the individual does not even realize they are becoming addicted to it. You may not only be chemically addicted to cocaine, you may also be addicted to the euphoric feeling it gives you.

The age group most likely to abuse this drug is between 18-25, but can be as young as 12 years old. It has been estimated that in the United States alone there are approximately 1.7 million people that are addicted or abuse cocaine. Over 36 million individuals have admitted to at least trying the drug. This breaks down to over 2,000 new users a day! In 2018 it was documented that 1,654,282 people were arrested for drug related charges at a cost to the United States over 47 billion dollars in the war on drugs.

The most common users of this drug are males between ages 18-25. More interesting it is documented over 527,000 individuals over the age of 55+ abuse cocaine. Drug and rehabilitation centers are definitely seeing an influx in the use of cocaine amongst other drugs entering their facilities. It is important to know the signs of not only the use of cocaine but the abuse of cocaine. When you begin to recognize these signs it can help with the war against cocaine and other opiates alike.

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Harmony Grove Recovery California addiction treatment provide tailored treatments for cocaine and other substances. We provide a comfortable setting and safe environment. We have detox medications along with laboratory testing to determine any underlying health concerns. Please call our IOP drug rehabs La Jolla location at 760-697-0497 for more information. If you want to stop addiction from controlling your life and destroying relationships there is hope. You can get carefully guided into long-term recovery is a luxury setting with individualized care and private bedrooms and bathrooms to all clients.

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