IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego Telehealth Program

IOP drug rehabs San Diego telehealth program understands the importance of continuing your treatment and recovery while being safe in your in home. This addiction treatment program makes intensive outpatient addiction treatment even more convenient. Under the right conditions you can get your IOP care with telehealth. During these uncertain times there can be an immense amount of stress and worry among those who are in recovery and going through treatment programs. Covid-19 has taken an incredible toll on the public and private healthcare system making it difficult to see your providers and counseling staff. Luckily in these times we as a community have learned how to adapt and overcome these obstacles we face on a daily basis. Telehealth IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) services is one of the many ways to continue and grow in your recovery.

What is our IOP Drug Rehabs San Diego Telehealth Program?


What is Telehealth? our IOP drug rehabs San Diego telehealth is a program that allows the patient to continue their recovery treatment while in their home environment. Individuals may be presented with daily triggers that threaten their recovery process and it is important to have support to work through any issues and maintain sobriety. Harmony Grove Recovery provided Telehealth options. We have tailored treatment options and offer sessions 7 days a week. We have both one on one and group option over phone and video sessions.

What are the benefits to our Telehealth IOP Drug rehabs San Diego Program?

There are several benefits to utilizing this new type of programming. During these uncertain and unknown times it allows you to continue your recovery safely from your own home. If you have a busy lifestyle there are benefits such as cutting down driving time, allowing you to continue your everyday workflow while getting the help you need. This IOP drug rehabs San Diego program can be cost effective. If you are more anxious or nervous and don’t like face to face interaction as much, you now get the help you need in the comfort of your own home. The Zoom video and voice calls you will have with all of the IOP staff are all HIPAA compliant and completely confidential. They offer a wide variety of services such as group therapy sessions and individual one on one sessions.telehealth programs provided by addiction treatment centers in San Diego


The beauty of the Telehealth program is that it can be catered to each clients specific wants and needs to ensure the best possible outcome in recovery. You may choose from options such as part of the time in person sessions with clinical and medical staff that are fully trained and equipped with the most up to date protocols and recommendations per the CDC. You may also complete part of your recovery through zoom and the Telehealth option. Harmony grove strives to treat each and everyone one of their clients to their exact needs. If you are new to recovery or just simply continuing on the recovery road, Telehealth will still get you on track to where you need to be and help you determine the best plan of action.

What is the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment center option for me?

Leave that question up to the experts here at Harmony Grove Recovery IOP drug rehabs San Diego, California. Let us guide you through the best and most appropriate treatment plan for you. Harmony Grove Recovery staff will be set you up with the telehealth option should you choose to solely remain at home. We find it not only important but imperative to ensure our clients safety and health during these trying times. Telehealth gives the necessary providers and clinical staff more freedom to follow up with clients and have a much greater line of communication then the average in person program. Combined with in person and telehealth services we can get you through your recovery and exactly where you should be in your treatment. Let us determine the best course of treatment for you to ensure the highest and most successful recovery for you.

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