Finding An Outpatient Addiction Program That Works

When it comes to addiction, there a wide range of successful treatment options. Finding the right type of treatment for a loved one can be difficult, however, with enough research, you can come to a decision. Outpatient centers are just one option that we provide that can efficiently help overcome addiction. With an outpatient program, a person can remain home and resume their daily routine, while also receiving treatment. There are many benefits to outpatient rehab, but the main advantage is the ability of a person to remain independent throughout their treatment.

At Harmony Grove Recovery Center, our committed to recovery for patients goes beyond that of a 12-step program.  We provide a safe and supportive environment that offers all the tools necessary to achieve permanent sobriety. With our outpatient program, patients receive a personalized treatment plan that will work for them. In addition to a plan, we also offer other services that can help you decide whether an outpatient addiction program will work for your loved one.   


Self-Help Gatherings

Going to self-help gatherings are essential to the recovery process. At Harmony Grove, we provide a network of self-help groups that support recovery and treatment. At these meetings, members share stories, feelings, and words of motivation. These meetings create a sense of community and friendship which help to know that they are not alone. At the gatherings,  our team introduces programs such as Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) for alcoholism rehab, Narcotics Anonymous (NA) for drug rehab, and the 12 Step program.


Medical Facilities

Whether a person is seeking an outpatient or inpatient program, medical facilities are necessary to access. Medical facilities give way for licensed health care professionals to talk to patients no matter what program they are in. Here you can find, attending nurses, therapists, psychiatrists and more.

At Harmony Grove Recovery Center, our medical facilities can provide round the clock care to patients. Most of the time, an addiction goes hand in hand with a mental health disorder. Our medical facility team can help patients, and their families understand the concept of dual diagnosis as well as find the best course of action for each.

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Family Sessions

Addiction is never a one-person issue. Family and friends also experience the hardships of addiction related to an individual. Not only that, but addiction can damage and sever relationships that were once important to an addict’s life. Family therapy is an effective way to help everyone heal and recover. Our licensed therapists work with families and individuals, by addressing the concerns of all parties. They teach coping strategies and ways to approach different situations. Our family sessions ensure relationships mend and stay strong.


Educational Sessions

Because an outpatient addiction program isn’t in-house, many centers miss out on educating their patients. Our approach is unique in the fact that we offer educational sessions to help teach our patients about addiction. We believe that understanding addiction is the key to recovery. Knowledge is a powerful component that supports individuals in making the lifestyle changes necessary to long-term sobriety.


Individual Therapies

Individual therapy, like group or family therapy, is critical to overcoming addiction. An outpatient addiction program should take into account counseling for their patients. Therapy is not only an outlet for those in recovery it is also a tool that helps patients cope with their worries, concerns, or fears. They also help therapists diagnose psychological disorders which can further optimize a person’s treatment plan.

Harmony Grove Recovery Center offers a comprehensive outpatient addiction program that can help a person with long-term sobriety. These services are just a few of the critical elements we provide for your loved one seeking help. In addition to the established therapies, we offer equine therapy, holistic treatment, and more. Get in touch with our specialists to learn more about our center and get your loved one on the right path to life, today.