Does Equine Therapy Assist in Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

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Forms of equine therapy, the therapy involving the use of horses, have been practiced around the world for decades. Initially used to assist patients in their recovery from traumatic injuries, the treatment has evolved to helping those who are physically disabled, suffer from mental disorders and more recently those with addictions. Incorporating equine therapy with other healing methods during treatment has become an effective and respected means when facilitating one’s overall health and well-being. If you or a loved one is experiencing alcohol or drug dependency, this therapeutic component may offer health-giving factor many rehabilitation facilities are unable to provide.


Recognizing Addiction

Regardless of one’s background, gender, age or race, there is a multitude of reasons why one may turn to alcohol or drugs. Whether the reason is wanting to experiment, genetics, peer pressure, prescriptions, loneliness, or self-medicating, there is always the possibility of falling prey to addiction. Unfortunately, the first sign of addiction is often difficult to recognize as an addict can be adept at hiding their addiction and is usually the last to admit the problem. If you notice drugs or alcohol are causing issues in one’s work, school or home life is time to seek advice or care. With proper treatment, including that of equine therapy, rehabilitation can help a person address his or her struggles.


Elements of Therapy

Because treating drug addiction and alcohol addiction requires a complex and wide-ranging course of action, the inclusion of various modes of therapy into a recovery plan will focus on the entirety of an individual. A comprehensive approach incorporates counseling, proper nutrition, physical fitness through recreational activities, medication monitoring and holistic practices, such as yoga and meditation. It is through this extensive structure a person can heal and embrace one’s journey to wellness.


Horses and Healing

In addition to the above mentioned multidisciplinary components of rehabilitation, equine therapy has shown to be an effective method in treating those with a dependence on drugs or alcohol. When seeking addiction recovery help, you may be asking how horses can help one recover? Just like humans, horses are social creatures. They have defined roles, diverse personalities, moods, and attitudes. It is these characteristics that make the connection between human and animal extraordinary. Caring for horses can introduce a person to discipline and responsibility which may not exist in their lives.

The keys to establishing a presence and nurturing a bond with a horse require patience, attention, empathy, mutual trust, respect, understanding, and consistency. Demonstrating these traits may prove difficult for the patient initially. However, if one is willing to respond to the horse with attention and affection, the horse will react similarly. This interaction with horses will teach an addict the needed skills for coping with people and situations outside of rehabilitation.If you or a loved one is burdened with the disease of addiction, Harmony Grove Recovery is here to help. We understand your needs and offer an encompassing recovery program. With a compassionate, professional recovery team, various services and the use of equine therapy our goal is focused on your journey to sobriety, good health, and well-being.


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