What Are The Affects of Drug Abuse and Mental Illness On Families?

Our dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego centers was made to deal with drug ddiction and mental illness. These are hand in hand. Mental illness is often at the core od drug and alcohol addiction. This is known as co-occurring disorder. 


Our Dual Diagnosis Outpatient San Diego Explains Co-occurring Disorders


Harmony’s dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego, California mental health center felt it necessary to educate on addiction vs mental illness. When it comes to substance or mental illness there is no doubt it has a major effect on families. These two things can affect anyone that surrounds the individual. The vast majority of families affected don’t really understand the disease. There is also great misunderstanding or lack of knowledge when it comes to mental illness. A study done by the National Survey  On Drug Use and Health stated that at least 45 percent of Americans that suffer with addiction are dual diagnosis or co-occurring diagnosis. 

What is co-occurring or dual diagnosis? This is when an individual has two or more mental health disorders or medical illness. It is being more recently discovered that SUD or substance use disorder has been linked with multiple types of co-occurring mental illness. 

Bringing Awareness to Mental Health and Addiction Issues 

Our dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego, California team is focused on educating the community. Why this is important is to bring more awareness to families who may not understand what their family member is going through? Families more than likely become guarded or emotionally unavailable when it comes to dealing with someone who abuses substances or someone with mental illness or even both. Usually this happens because the family simply just doesn’t understand how to deal with them. 

Many substances are PHYSICALLY ADDICTING. This means the persons body craves it / needs it to function normally. If they don’t have whatever substance it is they can go into what’s called withdrawal. This is the bodies way of saying it became used to a certain chemical and has become dependent on it to function normally. So when you take this substance away your body will go into shock and cause severe symptoms or even death. 

Why Does The Addict Keep Using Even in the Face of Death from Overdose?


The drug rehabs San Diego, California team hear the same answers from clients. Understanding a prime example of misunderstanding for a family member is critical. They may be asking, “Why do you keep using if it is messing everything in your life up? Every persons addiction or mental illness is different. however, it is common to see loss of job, money, housing, relationships.

When you look at an individual who may have lost everything and they continue to use you may ask yourself the same question. The answer is very simple, it’s a disease. Almost every addict you ask about their addiction is not happy about. In fact, they hate it. You will hear “I hate myself “, “I hate that I keep doing this to myself”. They will say this because it’s true.

There is the mental health side of it as well. Many individuals that struggle with addiction may have unresolved trauma or undiagnosed mental Illness. Many individuals use a substance whether it’s drugs or alcohol to just simply cope with their feelings. You feel down or depressed and you shoot up or use and you feel on top of the world. That’s why it’s called a “High”.  It’s very addictive to feel euphoric or just simply feel better than you did. 

Dual Diagnosis Outpatient San Diego Brings the Family Into the Recovery Equation

At our dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego rehabilitation center we do family work. Where do families come in ? Well it can happen that the family may be enabling their behavior. Thinking things like “They don’t have a problem, it’s just for fun” or “If I don’t get this for them or help them get it, I’ll loose them”. This is a one sided way to look at things.

In active addiction your mind does not work the same way. Your body and your mind will tell you to do anything or say anything to just get that high. This is called drug seeking behavioral. There is also the far opposite where families member will completely cut that individual off and have no type of relationship or contact with them. This in many ways can be just as detrimental.

A majority of people that suffer with substance abuse or mental illness already isolate themselves. When they feel abandoned they will do the one thing they know that’ll make them feel better, which is use. Many individuals crave that connection, I mean it’s human nature regardless of addiction. If you have an individual that suffers with addiction and depression, detaching yourself from them can push them further down a black hole.

Suicide is an all to common thing amongst people in addiction. this is because they are unhappy with the way their life is and feel like they have no one or no other option. Does it really have to be like this?

Dual Diagnosis Outpatient San Diego Explains How to Support Your Loved One Who Is Battling With Addiction or Mental Illness?


The dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego, California says to get educated about addiction and or whatever mental illness they may be struggling with. Just be supportive, addiction and recovery is hard thing to deal with.

You want to set boundaries, for example “I will not tolerate this, and expect this from you”. Addicts and people in recovery tend to do well once implementing boundaries. Set a routine for the day and stick to it.

When it comes to recovery routine is imperative it keeps the addict from being able to be in their head or have thoughts about using. Attend meetings with them or meetings of your own to develop a better understanding of the process. Ensure that your family member stays consistent with therapy and medication management. Those two things are indicative of a healthy recovery. Someone that struggles with mental illness may need medications to stay balanced. 

Most importantly if they are actively going through a crisis refer and encourage them to admit into a drug rehab program that can help them stabilize. Many substance abuse programs and facilities specialize in co-occurring disorders. this means they can help with both sides of it. It is important to know and understand what may work best for your family member. Give our dual diagnosis outpatient San Diego, California mental health and addiction treatment center a call now at (760) 697-0497 you could save your life today.

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