Adolescent Teen Addiction Treatment San Diego Vs Mental Health

Adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego professionals recently went into a think tank. They spoke candidly about the stigma with teens concerning addiction and mental health. When people think of adolescent drug and alcohol addiction treatment, they often only consider young people who are physically addicted. Secondly, they think of them in need of help prior to becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol. 

Adolescent Teen Addiction Treatment San Diego Explains Addiction is a Mental Health Problem


Our adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego specialists explain addiction is always only one step away. Many young people who don’t have an immediate problem with substance abuse issues can experience significant mental health issues from using drugs and alcohol. Adolescent drug and alcohol addiction treatment focuses on improving mental health as well as addressing physical addictions if needed. So how does adolescent drug and alcohol addiction treatment work? And who needs it? That’s what we’ll discuss in this article!

The term addiction is often used to describe compulsive behavior that impairs health, interferes with relationships, and negatively impacts education and/or employment. It’s also associated with an increased risk of psychological disorders, like depression and anxiety, and physical disorders, like heart disease and cancer. But while drug addiction is usually associated with adults, it’s clear that drug and alcohol abuse isn’t limited to just grownups. According to the National Center for Drug Abuse statistics as many as 1 in 3 adolescents struggle with addiction or substance abuse each year. That is an alarming statistic with many others that parents need to be concerned about.

  • 8th graders increased drug use 61% from 2016 through 2020
  • By the time a teen graduates’ high school 62% have abused drugs and alcohol
  • Half of adolescents have misused drugs
  • A whopping 43% in college are using illicit drugs
  • One of the biggest ones, 86% of high schoolers know someone that is smoking, drinking or high on drugs while they are at school

Our Adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego counselors warn the teenage years are some of the most vital in your child’s life. Substance abuse during this time can cause long-lasting negative effects that he or she will have to deal with throughout adulthood, like criminal charges and difficulty holding down a job. The good news is that there are many options available to help teenagers get clean and sober and avoid these damaging effects of addiction so they can lead happy, healthy lives.

Who Needs Our Adolescent Drug Rehab San Diego Services?

teens-and-young-adults-need-addiction-treatment-and mental-health-services

It’s difficult to find adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego options. This should not be the case with so many of the nation’s young adults suffering from drug, alcohol, and mental health issues. There’s no denying that teenagers, even young adults, suffer from addiction in greater numbers than any other age group. According to a 2013 study by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, 1 in every 20 adolescents between 14 and 17 has an alcohol use disorder; for ages 18-20 that figure rises to 1 in 10. And those are just one type of substance abuse issue. According to another study from JAMA Psychiatry from 2015, 11 percent of U.S. high school students had used marijuana within the past month; 6 percent had used cocaine; 5 percent had abused opioids. The list goes on and on. Any way you slice it, a staggering number of teens battle substance abuse issues today—and will continue battling them for years to come if left untreated.

Teens and young adults may abuse drug and alcohol substances for any number of reasons. Some, for example, might turn to alcohol or drugs to cope with painful emotions, depression, or anxiety. Others may do so to fit in with their peers, perhaps because they have underlying issues around self-esteem or body image. Some teens experiment with drugs because they think—erroneously—that doing so makes them seem more mature or sophisticated. Whatever your child’s reason for abusing substances, you can rest assured that adolescent drug rehabs are there to help young people with substance abuse issues.

The reason your child might need drug and alcohol addiction treatment at a  drug rehab for adolescents in San Diego has to do with what, exactly, drugs are. Drugs aren’t just substances like marijuana, cocaine, or heroin. They can also be prescription painkillers such as OxyContin or Vicodin; prescription sleeping pills such as Ambien; even over-the-counter medicines that contain narcotics like Excedrin. All these types of drugs affect neurotransmitters in a person’s brain, so they all have a high potential for abuse—and that includes alcohol.

What Are Some of the Adolescent Teen Addiction Treatment San Diego Options?

We went to our adolescent teed addiction treatment San Diego psychologists to explain the different options for young adults. There are two main types of treatment for drug addiction in adolescents, depending on what type of substance abuse problem a teen has. If a teenager abuses prescription drugs such as opioid painkillers or stimulants like Adderall, they might need a place like our drug detox in San Diego before beginning an addiction treatment program.

For teens with addictions to illicit substances such as heroin or cocaine, an inpatient rehab center may be necessary to make sure that a teenager’s brain chemistry isn’t further disrupted while they undergo withdrawal. The adolescent mental health specialists at these facilities can also provide therapy that works on treating both their chemical dependency problems and any underlying issues (such as anxiety) that may have led them to drug use in the first place.

Our adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego specializes in teens and young adults. This is critical when seeking help for your son or daughter. We have both one-on-one counseling with a trained professional and inpatient or outpatient rehab programs. These may be necessary to help teens overcome their substance abuse issues. These types of adolescent treatment options are widely available. However, there are different levels of care depending on your child’s specific needs. Some substance abuse treatment facilities provide long-term residential care where teenagers live on site while going through addiction treatment. While others offer day or evening programs (IOP drug rehabs San Diego)  that allow them to continue living at home during treatment. Both can be highly effective ways to help adolescents quit abusing drugs or alcohol for good.

We have also seen at the adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego centers that young adults may also need additional mental health treatment to address underlying issues such as anxiety or depression. This is where Harmony Grove Recovery can really help. If your son or daughter needs help we urge you to call us right now at 760-697-0497. Our staff have helped many young adults get right back on track and life happy and healthy lives.

We provide the best drug rehabs San Diego options for adults and teen. Call and ask us about our experience with adolescents that have experienced some sort of trauma in their lives, whether they are aware of it or not. If your teen has a drug or alcohol problem that seems out of control, make sure to consider our adolescent drug rehabs in the San Diego, California area as part of a comprehensive treatment plan that addresses all other aspects of their addiction. For example, teens who become dependent on prescription drugs for relief from physical pain might have been seeking an escape from emotional pain. The outpatient counselors at these programs can help your teen find effective ways to deal with any underlying issues and learn positive coping skills for dealing with stress.

Why One on One Counseling for Teens is Needed for Addiction and or Mental Health?

The adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego psychologists kept on telling us one thing in particular.

Teenagers are at a very important age in their lives, both physically and mentally. Due to hormonal changes that are taking place within their bodies. Young adults often struggle with figuring out who they really are. As young adults, it’s natural for them to experiment with different lifestyles that can sometimes lead to unhealthy decisions regarding drugs and alcohol.

While parents may be well aware of what problems their teen is facing, it’s not always easy for them to know how best to help. Fortunately, there is a simple solution – one on one counseling from an adolescent drug rehab professional.

The most effective way for a teen to learn healthy ways of coping with stress or other problems in their lives is through one-on-one counseling. Our trained professionals at the adolescent addiction treatment San Diego centers will be able to offer solutions that are tailor-made for your child’s individual needs. Remember, this specialized treatment is without being influenced by family members who might try to impose their own opinions on them. Teenagers are still growing and changing, so traditional forms of therapy just aren’t appropriate for them. By having a private session with an adolescent drug rehabs professional, your teen will be able to open up about their feelings in a safe environment where they know they won’t be judged.

What Mental Health Treatments Are Available at Adolescent Teen Addiction Treatment San Diego?


When you’re looking for adolescent teen addiction treatment San Diego centers it is a confusing time. You may still not be sure your son or daughter needs professional help. If you are questioning, you must at least get an evaluation, or speak with a professional. When adolescents need mental health treatment, they often seek out one-on-one counseling. In fact, several studies indicate that individual counseling is favored by youths more than group counseling. Individual therapy may help adolescents work through any underlying issues that contribute to addiction or behavioral problems.

However, family therapy can also be an important part of adolescent drug and alcohol addiction treatment because families play a significant role in adolescent development. Some parents may feel unsure about how to handle a teen struggling with substance abuse or behavioral problems. Family therapy can help these parents learn parenting skills that can help their teen succeed during recovery. We want to help your family live happy and mentally healthy. Give us a call now at 760-697-0497. Our staff have helped many at our adolescent addiction treatment San Diego centers.

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