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Coronavirus Testing at Our Drug Rehab Escondido Location

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Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehab Escondido is helping with our addiction treatment center clients on the Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic.

Harmony Grove Recovery’s drug rehab Escondido, California has Coronavirus tests available for the community. We are committed to providing the highest quality of substance use treatment and mental health care. Our staff has went through an extensive training on COVID-19 that we have implemented. There are only a few addiction treatment centers in the US that have any of its’ staff with this vital certification. We are committed to the care of our current clients and anyone needing help during this troubling time of the Coronavirus pandemic. Individuals with substance use or mental health disorders are even more vulnerable at this time. We have taken the necessary steps to ensure all individuals are safe in our care. Below you will find important and valuable information pertaining to the Corona Virus.

The healthcare system in the United States is under great stress and pressure. This is a critical time in our nation’s history. Addiction and behavioral health providers are needed more than ever. It has always been our #1 goal to be the best drug and alcohol addiction treatment provider in the US. We lead by example with the high quality of care we provide our delicate population.

Our Joint commission accreditation, experienced Doctors, credentialed Psychiatrists, psychologists, and substance abuse counselors demonstrate our dedication and detailed care. Our drug rehab Escondido, California caring team has compiled this vital information on the Coronavirus and the many things to keep in mind to help stop the spread of this disease.

  • How is the Coronavirus Spread?
  • What are the symptoms?
  • Who is at greatest risk?
  • What is the treatment for the Coronavvirus COVID-19?
  • How to prevent getting the virus?
  • What are the steps to take at our drug rehab Escondido, Carlsbad, and San Diego California locations?

What is the Corona Virus or COVID-19?

What is the Corona Virus. How is this spread and what are the symptoms.

The Coronavirus is technically known as COVID-19.  It is a contagious respiratory illness that can be spread from human to human. Unlike a bacterium which is large and can be killed by antibiotics, a virus is tiny and lives inside the cells of the body.  That’s what makes it so hard to reach with antibiotics. Corona is a common group of viruses some of which cause the common cold.  COVID-19 is a new (novel) strain that can be particularly dangerous.

How Is It Spread? What Are its Symptoms?

The Coronavirus is spread when someone coughs or sneezes in your direction or by you touching a surface that a sick person touched and then you touch your eyes, nose, or mouth.  It does not float freely in the air. Sneezing and coughing causes droplets which fall to the ground.

The great majority of people will develop cold-like symptoms including runny nose, cough, sore throat, fever, and shortness of breath.  Most people either feel nothing or feel mildly sick and get over it in a matter of days to a week or so.  You can be a “carrier” and not get sick but spread the disease.

The danger is for the elderly, those over 70 and especially over 80, infants and those that have serious medical problems.  In this case it can be 10 times more fatal than the flu.  What are these conditions?  Extreme old age, heart or lung disease, liver disease, kidney disease, cancer and HIV patients.  Also, those that are “immune compromised” ; getting chemotherapy, radiation, and/or are on long term steroids.


Testing and Treatment

There are test kits to check for the virus but so far they are hard to find, though millions are being promised.  The test itself simply involves sticking a Q-tip up your nose to do a culture. The CDC and other government entities are working hard to find a cure of this disease. While there are currently a low number of deaths, you need to take precautions if you think you have contracted it. For most people this involves doing the same things you would for a common cold for example;

  1. Decongestants
  2. Cough medicine
  3. Tylenol or Motrin
  4. Fluids
  5. Rest

As of right now do not go to your doctor, urgent care, or to the ER unless you are severely ill or are experiencing shortness of breath.  Do not demand a test unless you are very sick.  Resources are precious as of this time. However, you can take some important precautions mainly avoiding contact with other people (social distancing). One of the best things you can do is to constantly wash your hands.

Drug Rehab Escondido Explains How to Control the Spread of the Coronavirus


A sign of the CDC and the many ways to check for updates on the Corona virus CORVID-19.

Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehab Escondido felt it our responsibility to educate on the spread of this disease. In advanced cases the patient will usually be elderly, infant or compromised.  There will be severe distress breathing which can lead to pneumonia or kidney failure and death. This will require seeing a health care professional. While there is no current cure, physicians can help with the severe symptoms.

The spread of the Coronavirus is mostly silent. The incubation period can be from 2 to 14 days and individuals are contagious the entire time. The spread of the Corona virus is mainly from individuals within 6’0” of each other. It is primarily dispersed through respiratory droplets that are transferred through coughing or sneezing. It can be transferred on the hands after individuals cover their mouth during these actions. Thus, hand contact with individuals should be avoided.

The COVID-19 virus can be transferred by touching surfaces that have the virus. Thus, it can be transferred when you touch your mouth, nose, eyes and face. However, this is not the main way it is transferred. You can learn more about the spread of the Coronavirus on the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website.

The Coronavirus is considered a community disease. This is mainly since it is easily spread when there are groups of people. This combined with incubation period makes it almost impossible to figure out where you contracted the disease.

In advanced cases the patient will usually be elderly, infant or compromised.  There will be severe distress breathing which can lead to pneumonia or kidney failure and death. This will require seeing a health care professional. While there is no current cure, physicians can help with the severe symptoms.

How to Prevent Contracting the Coronavirus COVID-19


The recommendations are changing daily and there seems to be more stringent requirements including social distancing and quarantine (isolation). Gatherings are being banned throughout the country.  San Diego restaurants, bars, and other businesses are all now closed for social distancing in order to try to slow the spread.

Preventing infection to yourself:

  1. Stay away from sick people
  2. Stay away from any gatherings
  3. WASH YOUR HANDS AND FACE WITH SOAP for a minimum of 20 seconds.
  4. Dry hands thoroughly after washing them.
  5. Do not directly touch counter tops, bathroom and kitchen sinks, faucets, door handles. Instead use a paper towel or sanitized wipe.
  6. Use alcohol-based hand sanitizes that have more than 60% alcohol.
  7. Avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth and face.
  8. When coughing or sneezing use a tissue, napkin, paper towel. If one is not handy you can cough or sneeze into your elbow.
  9. If you have access to a mask, it may help from droplets sprayed on you
  10. Avoid smoking as it weakens the respiratory system

Preventing spread to others:

  1. Do not sneeze or cough into your hands. This spreads the virus through touch.  COUGH OR SNEEZE INTO A TISSUE OR USE YOUR ELBOW
  2. Wash your hands and face often (15 times a day). be sure to vigorously wash them for at least 20 seconds.
  3. If you are sick stay away from others and from crowds.
  4. Wear a mask. If masks are not available use a kerchief or such and tie it around your face.

Drug rehab Escondido Explains Impact of the Coronavirus on Drug and Alcohol Addiction?


Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehab Escondido, California has taken the necessary steps to be prepared for our clients and new clients. The impact of the Coronavirus on individuals with drug and alcohol addiction complicates this epidemic even more. It’s critical for behavioral healthcare providers to continue helping those in need. This is critical at this time of the national crisis. It’s our responsibility to provide the safest health services. We are currently working with hospitals, emergency rooms, and private clinicians to provide a safe place for those suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The spread of the Coronavirus has caused many businesses to close due to recommend social distancing. Some of these include restaurants and bars. It also includes curfews in many areas across the US. This can cause other life-threatening issues for individuals suffering from drug and alcohol addiction.

The impact of individuals that have alcohol addiction issues is real. Individuals suffering from alcohol addiction will have less access to Alcohol. This will increase the cases of alcohol withdrawal syndrome. Withdrawal is a dangerous process and should always be performed under medical supervision. The curfews will make obtaining illegal drug more difficult. This may also cause sudden withdrawal and increase the already overly burdened emergency rooms.

What is drug rehab Escondido facility is currently doing to fight the Coronavirus CORVID-19?

Our drug rehab Escondido, California is open and operating 24/7. Our caring inpatient staff are meeting on a daily basis to continue to provide the highest level of medical care. Here are some of the ways we are ensuring our client’s safety.

  • We have added additional comprehensive pre-screening measures to our admissions process.
  • Our caring staff of addiction professionals are meeting daily on updated CDC guidelines for contamination, prevention and management of the CORVID-19 virus and implementing any changes recommended by the government.
  • Our drug rehab Escondido rehabilitation center staff have been instructed to frequently wipes surfaces like counter tops, bathrooms, sinks, faucets and door handles with cleaning materials with at least 60% alcohol concentration.
  • Any entries and exists from our facilities are being controlled and monitored.
  • Harmony Grove Recovery staff members are strictly adhering to frequently vigorous washing their hands and reminding our clients to do the same.
  • We have a daily protocol of our staff being examined before each shift for any symptoms of the Corona virus.
  • Our drug rehab Escondido, California staff have been instructed to stay home if they are showing any signs of the CORVID-19 virus.

Do all the above for prevention and spread.  If someone is sick, they should be in a room by themselves (isolated). Do not allow face to face programs. Use alternative communication ie. Facetime, Skype, etc. Watch the news for the latest recommendations. Two good sources online would be the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the NIH (National Institutes for Health).  You can also watch your local programming for the latest local recommendations.  Things may get worse before they get better, much of it due to community panic.

Harmony Grove Recovery is always available to assist during this time of national crisis. Our client representatives are available 24/7 to assist in any way possible. There are many people that are working hard to fight this epidemic. The citizens of the United states must do their part to get this under control. We can help you do that and get you addiction under control. Give our drug rehab Escondido, California rehabilitation centers a call now at (760) 697-0497. You are not alone; we are here to help.

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