Jennie Long

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Jennie has served children of all ages and their families for well over 20 years in various settings, such as day treatments, group homes, home-based services, juvenile hall, and as a Mild/Moderate Special Education Teacher at Lincoln High School for 10 years. She earned a Master’s in Education from San Diego State University and she was also a full-scholarship nominee for the Rowing Team. Jennie is an athlete at heart, she enjoys building positive connections with others, and she is passionate about giving back. Jennie found yoga many years ago and continues to practice and teach today. As an athlete, Jennie understands how to utilize her body’s strength, but yoga taught her how to be present and mindful, how to meditate and reconnect to the spirit, and how to build strength in the body through thoughtful breath to movement flows. Jennie strives for her students to feel the healing power of yoga as each person practices connecting to their mind, body and spirit in a safe, heart-centered environment.