Drug Rehabs Riverside, CA Explains “How to increase pro social behavior while ‘Social Distancing?”

Our drug rehabs Riverside understands that now more than ever we need pro social behavioral during social distancing. Whether you are new to recovery or have previously achieved any previous time clean and sober, increasing pro social activities is essential. Many who have sought support for any type of addiction have experienced a significant amount of time in isolation. The longer one remains in isolation the easier time they have to continue with their active addiction.

Exploring what it means to practice pro social behaviors or activities has become important. In fact, the impact social distancing may have on your addiction has become an increasingly important topic in the field of substance abuse treatment. Pro social behaviors might be anything from joining a group or a part of your community to increasing engagement in activities with others. In this article we will explain, “Why it is important to increase these behaviors?” We will also discuss, How to be more active even when required to social distance?”

Drug Rehabs Riverside Explains, “What is Pro Social Behavior?”, and “Why Does it Matter?”

Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs Riverside see pro social behavioral first hand at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center everyday. Pro Social behaviors lean more towards being selfless, being a productive or helpful part of your community by doing things that add to moving forward, assisting others and doing “your part.” If you are doing an activity that is significant, creates joy in another person’s day, and helps remind you that you are important to society, could that increase feelings of health and happiness in your own life?

Why does it matter to be a part of your community or do something that benefits another person? For some it may not. However, if you felt things like being sad, irritated, angry or hopeless the more you withdrew and isolated into your active addiction, doing the opposite could provide you with increased satisfaction or quality of life in your own day.

Harmony Grove Recovery is hereto help those in need. We are a licensed and certified by the state of California along with being accredited by The Joint Commission. This alcohol rehabilitation center also treating drug addiction provides the highest level of care. The luxury drug rehabs in San Diego offer luxury services at no additional cost. We offers private bedrooms to all clients daily group and daily individual therapy by master level educated therapists. We also offer yoga, massage therapy, gym on site, pool, and recreational activities. Harmony Grove Recovery is located in Elfin Forest, conveniently located near the best southern beaches of California and the hiking trails of San Diego.

COVID-19 Changed How Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Treat Patients


At our drug rehabs Riverside, CA we understand getting help is important especially during unprecedented times such as these. Harmony Grove Recovery provides individualized treatments including detox and residential inpatient for alcohol and drug abuse. We provide COVID-19 screening and testing and have taken all precautions to continue providing each person safe and quality care.

Human beings are known to be social creatures. The majority of us live in some type of community as opposed to being isolated on some mountain top or deserted island. This is a natural occurrence. We were meant to interact with others in some way or fashion. Part of this was nature’s way of making sure we can continue our human race by building families and ensuring our line lives on. The evolution of man has also mad sure to create more and more ways for us to interact with each other. Due to technology our interactions have become more accessible to the point of not even needing to leave the house to “hang out with friends” or attend that business meeting with colleagues across the globe.

Although the way we interact with each other has certainly changed over time, and most recently over the past few months, the natural feeling of needing to be connected in some meaningful way is still there. This is especially true when something like drugs or alcohol have caused an emotional cutoff or detachment from what is important to someone in recovery.

How to be Pro Social while Social Distancing?

Our Clinical Director at the drug rehabs Riverside facility said it best.

Whether you reside with others or alone, reconnect with those that are important to you.

If you have been sheltering in place with family or friends but have been isolating or withdrawn, try talking to someone about those feelings. Do the opposite, or flip your normal behavior. For example, if you normally just sit in your room, not talking to anyone for at least 8 hours of the day try to do the opposite for at least part of the time. If this is excruciatingly hard to do for hours, start off small. So instead of 8 hours of isolation, try being social for at least 10 minutes of those 8 hours and work your way up each day or each week until you are being social more than isolating.

If socializing with your family is not that hard, but the feelings of our global pandemic have weighed you down, try adding in some positive behaviors or activities to do with those you are quarantined with. Maybe do an activity together that would include either everyone or at least one other person in the home.

If you live by yourself, try to reconnect with those you care about by at least checking in on them, give them a call, or teach them how to use video chats. Sharing funny videos to help get you through the drabness of the current global crises to let them know they are not alone. When you reach out to someone, you let them know you still care and that they are important in this world.

Our Drug Rehabs Riverside Rehabilitation Centers Staff Advice


The drug rehabs Riverside addiction treatment staff all agree on re-establishing relationships and interacting. Whether you live at home or alone re-establishing personal connects and interacting in anyway is the opposite of isolation. Isolation during active addiction is when you can do your worst because you have no one to answer to, it’s just you and your drug of choice. Whether your drug of choice is alcohol, drugs or other things like food, over consumption can go rampant when no one is looking. So it’s safest to re-establish connections to people and begin ending that relationship with the substance.

Take back control of your life! Our California drug and alcohol addiction treatment rehabilitation centers can provide you with all the necessary tools for long term success. By building a solid recovery foundation you create stability and allow healing to begin and set yourself up for a happier and healthy future. We understand addiction and difficulty surrounding this disease. Take action and make positive changes. Harmony Grove Recovery accepts all major PPO health insurances like drug rehabs Encinitas accepts Cigna PPO insurance which means little to no out of pocket cost to you.

Although social distancing has drastically changed the way we interact, what we are allowed to do and created such feelings of insecurity and loneliness, it is essential to stay safe. So how does one join anything while attempting to adhere to CDC guidelines? One of the easiest ways is by utilizing the abundance of new technology. If you have access to enough technology to have online chats, video calls, or even texting and emails, there is a significant amount of interaction that can happen.

Utilize this extra time to learn something new. If your not able to manage your issues on your own and you want help call our drug rehabs Riverside, or any of the other southern California areas we cover at 760-697-0497! We here at Harmony Grove Recovery provide a support luxury environment to help get your life back on track and end the cycle of addiction. Your life matters, take control!

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