Drug Rehabs Escondido Explains Relapse and Relapse Prevention

Our drug rehabs Escondido, California addiction treatment center staff felt the need to educate on relapse and relapse prevention. This is a huge topic at our substance abuse rehabilitation centers in southern California. When it comes to being in recovery for alcohol or drugs there are many different factors in the recovery process. The process typically starts with admitting to a problem, then you admit into a substance abuse program. Well one of the things that is often talked about while in a treatment program is what is going to happen when you leave treatment. One of the most common words you will hear time and time again is the word relapse.

Our Drug Rehabs Escondido Clinical Director Explains, “What does it mean to relapse?”

Statistically speaking ⅔ or 85% of individuals relapse within one year of completion of a treatment program. It’s often said that relapsing is generally a part of the recovery process, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. Many individuals who suffer with any form of substance abuse know the statistics and the likelihood that this can happen, but what if we changed our view on recovery and aftercare. 

HGR drug rehabs Escondido, California Clinical Director is on the pulse of why relapse happens. We see it every day at our drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers. Let’s first explain a little about relapse. Relapse is the act of backsliding, worsening, or subsiding in formal terms. In recovery it simply means returning to the use of whatever substance you abused whether it is alcohol or drugs. In many different treatment programs, you often hear the statistics of success in recovery being very minimal.

Why Do People Relapse?


Our drug rehabs Escondido, California staff know there is no direct answer to this question. People relapse for a multitude of different reasons. Some of the most common reasons for a drug or alcohol relapse would be:

  • Undiagnosed/ Unmanaged mental health diagnosis
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Chronic pain
  • Strong cravings 
  • Environments
  • Financial burden
  • Stress
  • Boredom
  • Loneliness
  • Triggers

And that is to just list a few, there is a wide variety of reasons for relapse. Ultimately most people that suffer with a substance use disorder regardless of what it is, use it to cope or manage their life. The one question that is rarely asked is what if we looked at relapse in a different way?

Harmony Grove Recovery Drug Rehabs Escondido Provides Relapse Tools

HGR drug rehabs Escondido centers use different addiction treatment methods to start shifting focus from relapse as part of the recovery process to relapse does not have to be a part of your recovery. If we instill the right tools, values, and motivation into an individual they have much better chances at being successful rather than assuming they will be relapsing. Accepting that relapse is a part of the recovery process is normal and should be something that an individual is prepared for but giving them the thought process that it doesn’t have to be them is even better.

An example of this mentality would be telling someone who is about to go into a race that even if they lose it’ll be okay, and they can just try again. When you have a thought process like that inevitably it is going to lower your motivation to be successful the first time. If they go into the race knowing I must win this race there isn’t another option. It’ll give them the drive to try even harder and keep them motivated to do better.  

Motivation During Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Centers Substance Abuse Rehabilitation

Out drug rehabs Escondido, California team also focuses on motivation during our drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs. On the other side of the spectrum it is important to ensure an individual does not lose motivation in their recovery if they do have a relapse. It is extremely common that someone relapses and they give up on recovery thinking they have failed themselves and everyone around them, they see no point to continue staying sober. At this point in recovery, it is the most important to remain motivated and give it your all. You want to ensure you are always prepared for both scenarios.

A common thought process by many that struggle with addiction is “I’ll just do it one more time, what’s it going to hurt? They may also say, “If I just do a little bit it won’t really make a difference.” The truth is that these statements and thought processes will inevitably lead down a very dangerous slippery slope. That is why substance use disorder is known as a DISORDER it is something that cannot be managed on your own. 

Importance of creating a relapse prevention and safety plan

learn about relapse prevention

First, we must let you know every client at our drug rehabs Escondido addiction treatment centers get an individualized treatment plan, and for good reason. One thing that is not only often overlooked but completely missed is a relapse prevention plan. Many programs rely on handouts and AA or NA as a plan to stay sober when leaving treatment. It is unrealistic to expect an individual to sustain sobriety without any proper tools or guidelines.

The idea that someone so new into their recovery can maintain everything on their own is setting that person up for failure. If you are in a reputable program like Harmony Grove Recovery, we will place a great importance on setting you up for success by not only providing resources but tools and plans you can use on a daily basis.

HGR Drug Rehabs Escondido Counseling Staff Explains, “What is a relapse prevention plan?”

When you are seeking the best drug rehabs in San Diego, including drug rehabs Escondido, California there is an important thing to look at. All of our substance abuse rehabilitation centers make and follow a detailed treatment plan. This is one of the reasons our addiction treatment centers are so successful and helping our clients achieve long-term recovery. Simply stated it is a plan that will help you recognize your triggers in order to avoid them along with educating about the signs of relapse to keep that individual from returning to their drug of choice.

When coming into treatment most individuals have a very vague idea of what their triggers are and that if they are even able to identify them. When you come into a program the therapist and staff will take the first step in identifying and isolating any significant triggers or traumas. In most cases people do not even realize that their substance abuse is almost always linked to some underlying cause. Once these triggers or traumas are identified it’ll be important to begin discovery in what ways each of these things have affected you. When the triggers are isolated and clear for the client to see it’ll become much easier to avoid these triggers whether it’s environmental, physical, emotional or whatever it may be. 

The first step is always to identify these triggers. The next step would be developing a plan of action if that individual is exposed to their triggers. This can be anything from removing yourself from a certain environment or relationship or even using medication to feel balanced. One example would be if your biggest trigger is anxiety, every time you become anxious you feel the need to drink or use in order to feel calm again.

What is an Intervention?


HGR drug rehabs Escondido also provides intervention programs. If you look at an intervention like routine medication to manage your anxiety you are less likely to relapse. The next step would be to plan for the most negative outcome. This can sound counterproductive, but it is the best way to ensure that you are prepared for any situation. If you create a plan saying if this happens, I am going to use my breathing techniques, or meditate it can give you a sense of peace knowing that you have tools and a plan ready for use at any time.

You now want to set yourself up for success, what does that mean? It is important to have as much support from family, friends and sober support networks as possible, so you understand you are not alone in your recovery. Where a lot of people end up relapsing is when they begin to go through very difficult times and feel a lack of support, they go to the one thing they know that gave them comfort which was their substance of choice. It is imperative that you find and involve yourself in a sober support network whether that is AA, NA, Smart Recovery, Celebrate recovery or any group.

Drug Rehabs Escondido Staff Talk About Like Minded People and Healthy Routines

Harmony Grove Recovery drug rehabs Escondido runs many IOP drug rehabs groups. These are 3-hour sessions with others that are experiencing the same issues are you are in early recovery. The gathering of likeminded people has proven to be extremely successful. This is because you have people in various stages of recovery who can not only provide support but provide a sense of knowledge that others may not have. Surrounding yourself with others who have been successful in sobriety can be extremely motivating and inspirational to someone who is new in recovery. 

Lastly, you want to develop a healthy routine. This involves physical and mental wellbeing. Setting a routine or a schedule for the day can ensure that you are productive and do not have down time where you could begin slipping into bad habits or having thoughts about using. For most individuals if you don’t accomplish what you had planned for the day or get to do something that you wanted to, it will have an extremely negative affect on your mood. When your mood is out of balance you have much a higher chance of relapsing opposed to someone who feels accomplished for the day.

A health routine is a balance of your homelife, work life and physical and mental health. Some examples would be setting a time to meditate or work out every day or schedule a time to do an activity you like doing. It all goes back to the old saying “the better you feel, the better you will do”. Self-care is a huge aspect of recovery; many individuals neglect their own mental wellbeing and physical wellbeing while in active addiction. When you start to utilize self-care, you will notice an extreme increase in your mood.

HGR Drug Rehabs Escondido Can Help Now!

inpatient drug rehabs Escondido California is equipt to help with substance abuse rehabilitation services

HGR drug rehabs Escondido has explained that relapse is a part of recovery, but it doesn’t have to be your recovery. If relapse is a part of your recovery make sure that you have tools and plans set in place in order to get yourself back on track for a successful and happy recovery.

Our IOP drug rehabs and inpatient addiction treatment centers have tried hard to make sure there are no obstacles for you to get substance abuse rehabilitation care. We accept most health insurances and can get you in today.

The only thing you must do is pick up the phone a call. Call us now at 760-697-0497. This is the hardest step. Call us and let us gently guide you into long-term recovery.

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