How to Build Relationships after Alcohol Addiction Recovery

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Alcohol addiction is a deadly disease that affects thousands of people each year. The difficulties that tie into overcoming alcohol addiction range from broken relationships, loss of employment, instability, and more. If you or a loved one recently completed an alcohol addiction recovery program, then you understand that the recovery process doesn’t end there.

With addiction comes tribulations and hardships that affect everyone related. During times of addiction relationship dynamics change. Many times the stress related to addiction result in ruined relationships. One of the main steps after completing a program is repairing the damage and building bridges with meaningful relationships a person has lost.

This can be the hardest part of recovery for some, but with the right tools, it is possible.


Set Realistic Expectations

Many people don’t realize the difficulties it takes for an addict to overcome their abuse issues. For alcohol addiction recovery, every step forward is a small victory, including making the initiative to connect with a past relationship.

For some, the process of rebuilding after alcohol addiction recovery is long. An addict usually puts their impulses before anything else, meaning they lie, cheat, and even steal to get what they want. People may feel betrayed and need to establish trust.

If you are currently looking for a fresh start, remember that not everyone is going to react positively. Not every issue resolves itself overnight, and some people are seeking more than just an apology. Relationships take work. Ensure that a secure support network is there to help you along the way.

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Establish Healthy Communication

Various forms of communication that exist. Making sure that you communicate with your loved ones is key to rebuilding. Remember, talking and listening are components of healthy discussion.

During alcohol addiction recovery treatment, clients work on learning different skills necessary to communicate with others and how to honestly stay present in the conversation. Also, clients get shown strategies on how to deal with conflicts and confrontation.

Removing unhealthy communication habits like anger or emotional blackmail is essential. Friends and family want to feel comfortable expressing themselves and revealing their feeling to recovering addicts. Learning how to control their mental state throughout conversations is critical to healthy communication.

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Stay on the Path & Be Patient

Once a client is on the right path they will learn to take responsibility and control of their life. Staying on the right track means on-going recovery and participating in the different programs and services that exist. Continuing meetings, participating in a 12 step program, and doing everything they need to do to get back to a healthy, viable life.

Recovery takes time. Families members and friends don’t always trust a client right away. It may be hard for them to grasp that change has occurred. As recovery continues, trust begins to develop.   

Keep in mind that not all relationships are healthy and positive. The unhealthy relationships are those that prevent a client from achieving recovery. These unhealthy relationships have no room in a recovering person’s life.


Repairing the Relationship

Addiction is a disease that takes hold of a person’s life negatively. One of the repercussions of addiction is damaged relationships. With the right kind of help and by trusting the process of recovery, repairing relationships is possible.

After the completion of an alcohol addiction recovery program, many factors go into rebuilding connections broken by addiction. Forgiveness, effort, coping strategies and more are a few things that help people navigate the process.

Harmony Grove Recovery works with clients to form the necessary skills to live a better life. This includes coping mechanisms, finding support, and working through addiction. If you are currently seeking help for someone in your life, HGR can help.

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